Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my eyes has re-schedule its time to sleep

my eyes is a bit gila lately..
i have became a hantu raya..
i cannot sleep..
my eyes reluctant to sleep..
they wont sleep for two days..
then i sleep for twelve hours..
but then im awake for two days again..
thats my sleeping routine..
i just don't get it..
why are my eyes are like this..
is it insomnia?? not normal..
if im not asleep for two days my energy are more than i sleep everyday..
strange and weird..
maybe dats one of the reason why ameer call me WEIRDO..
what on earth is happening to my eyes??
is it becoz of my addiction to Bleach,YM,FB,MS,Blogspot???
can somebody give an answer??

lots of love

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