Friday, July 10, 2009

new devine..

i've just broke up with him..
well i can fool my self..
yes!!i am sad n mis
but i've been thrown..
that means that im not needed anymore..
but i just cant accept the fact..
but i just don't understand why am i not given a second chance??
i text him,no reply..
i called him no respond..
he hate me.. y am i still gedik2 n pegi kt dye??
shit u foolish nana..
just stop it..

when im enjoying my self n smiling that doesnt show that im not sad..
im smiling just to cover it up..
but he just dont understand..
im not blaming anybody..
im not blaming him..
maybe its my fault..
but at least just tell me and called it off..
dont make me say it when it was you who want it..
you make me say it shazny arief sh
u make me say it in tears..
without my willingness.. my tears keep run down my face..
wipe ur tears foolish nana..
u have to move on..
and yes i'll move on..
even it takes time..
it doesnt matter..
as long as i can erase him..

as for him shazny arief shah..
i know u have moved on without turning back..
without a glance at me..
even i always wanted u to turn back..
but i know u wouldnt do that..
because im nothing to you anymore..
and i understand..
nvrmind u go on with ur life..
who am i to stop u??
im just a dust..

i will stop bugging u..
i promise..
if that what you want..
enjoy ur IPG at ipoh..
i always pray for ur success..
may our relationship R.I.P..
thanks for giving me a chance to know u..

miserable n blank,

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