Thursday, March 26, 2009

ho..ho..ho..blik kmpg!!!!!!!

yay!!blik kmpg..
dh lme xblik kmpg..
well 2morrow's the day..
well i gonna have fun there..
10 days at kmpg..
dat means 10 days i cnt on9..
im gonna miss jamiel..
im gonna miss pc..
im gonna miss ym,fc,ms and blogging..
neways look a the bright side,im gonna have fun with my family although without my sis n my bro-in-law..
so yeah..
tggu org kmpg..chek mai esk!!!!!
cant wait to my coz there..
athirah,zahin n newest one is their lil bro(well i kinda 4got his
se ya guys later!!

lots of love,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

bubub!!!i lap u..hate apai..

i lap u..
hello ppl..bubub need help..
she's down..really down..
its all bcoz of her bf that is nadhar aka apai..
he sucks..f**kin sucks..
bubub is being honest wif him..
but he just wont trust her..
if there's no trust in love,then u should break it..
y keep it..
now she skip her class...
crying 24/7..
she's being so miserable..
pity her..
if i saw apai sumwhere,i swear i'll kick his sorry ass..
i really meant it..
he such a dick..
freakin dick..
sabar bubub..
kami warga sel1 syg ko bubub..
we love u bubub

lots of hate to apai,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

my ex is maniac

ok my ex is totaly a maniac..
he wants to run out from home..
he's crazy..
its all his fault laa..
his mom mad at him bcoz he raise his voice to his ganny..
bcoz he doesnt want to lend his fon to his cozin..
well his cozin is a drug addict..
if i were him i pn xnk pnjm kn ryte..
for sure he will sell it ryte..
his fon pn dier jual..
but my ex shouldn't raise his voice..
his mom was mad+sad
now he nk lari rumah plak..
then i ask him to apologize..
then he marah me plak..
then i sed
"u were asking for my help then u angry wif me??what the hell??"
then bru he mntk maaf to me..
then i sed ''later when u cool down,u msg me back..n don't do anything stupid"
wat laa..aiyoo..

lots of love,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

thanking my family...

well im going for unitar.. taking business management.. and i want a scooter.. tp mummy n abg xkasi.. they sed its too dangerous.. diorg sruh bwk kete.. ssh laa.. lesen kete mhal.. minyak pn mhal.. nnt nk beli buku lg.. lesen lagi.. makan mnum lagi.. yuran lg.. yuran dh la rm15,000 adoi aii.. ak nk cgpa aku above 3.00.. pstu ak nk pegi london... tmpt henry golding...hahaha he is sweetheart.. i love henry golding.. lame.. anyway i want to thank my sis for paying my fees.. although i always sed i hate her.. but actually i dont.. she is my sister.. my only sister..
i'll nvr hate her..
then i would lyk to say thanks mommy n papa..
u support me all along..
i'll pay u back mommy..u'll see..
then thanks abg..
for being my abg..
for babbling n making me laugh..
i nana nk cr boyfriend.i'll definately find someone lyk u..
jk la abg..

lots of love,


bnci nye...
kte nk bg kje..
psto xnk plak..
i need the job..
nk smbung blaja...
i hate kak paridah..
dier laa pnce..
wat a haters..
rse cam nk cekik je..
well i have 2 find a job somewhere else..
utk april je..
1 month je..
ssh sgt ke??
nie sbb allah bg balasan kt aku sbb gelakkan alep arto..

lot of love,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

im so dead!!

im so dead ppl..
i swear u won't see me on facebook or myspace or friedster again..
the nightmare is tomorrow..
shit!!i totally screwed my spm..
if my result lyk a piece of crap,i'll repeat my paper in July Paper..
im in tense..
i got a feeling dat i'll be crying tomorrow..
shit..i play too much by dat time..
now im freakin' regret it..
now it's too late to make things ryte..
all of my mak ciks will be asking me.."nana,cmne result?"
dat is crap..
wat am i going to do now??
if i screw it i'll register for UNITTAR..
if nt i'll be in uitm or maktab perguruan or politeknik..
i wanna be a teacher..
bt how am i going to be a teacher if my spm result lyk trash??
dat is so wrong for a teacher..
help me ppl!!!!!!!!!
i'll be dead by tomorrow..



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

hate the babbling..

my sis just got back frm Redang Island..
and to be frank,dat is totally a nightmare for me..
she cam back n babbling bout the cleaniness of the house..
she assume dat i didn't do dis n that..
she sed the house looks lyk totaly crap..
and i was lyk "define crap by looking at ur room sis"..
anyway this house looks lyk crap all along..
even when she's home the house looks lyk crap..
even her room looks lyk crap..
i took care of jamiel when jamiel was sick..
and dat is tiring enough..
im nt mutant..
im human being..
i get tired easily..
well maybe she's nt..
maybe she got some kind of super power or something..
seriously ppl,i rather be kill than hearing someone babbling to me..
kill me sis!!plss kill me!!
i hate when she babbling n give that "what is ur function in dis family" look..
totally hate it..
i hate it more than i hate mawi(no offence mawi)..
well i cant said "shut up evil sister"..
dats totally rude..
im nt a bitch..
she is my sis..
wat i can do is shut up,sleep,cry,and ryte it on blog..
wat more can i do..


Friday, March 6, 2009

ungku jamiel zarif

today iam taking care of my niece..
he is having his fever..
pity him..
he is 10 month now..
his mom is going to pulau redang until monday..
so iam taking care of him until monday..
i feel like iam a single mother..haha..
p/s:love jamiel..xoxo

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


tired laa weyh..
just finish shopping..
i;ve bought new spectacles and a new top..
so i just spent 3/4 of my gaji away..
plus i just received my gaji yesterday..
i spent that fast huh..
i need serious help ppl..
neway my mom said ''better spent ur money on things than on food coz after we ate the food,it will produce a smelly shit''
but seriously ppl..
the world got economic crisis..
it seems that i dont give a shit..
but the truth is i do give a shit..
but the top is so nice..
i just can help it..

p/s:i miss rhea:(

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

diyanah radzi

i miss Dd radzi..
when r we going to hang out??
watch movie together-gether..
hey i miss ur mom to:(