Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2PM Hands Up Concert in 2 Days!!

2Days to go for 2PM concert !!

plus i've won a hi-5 session pass with 2PM

Worth paying big bucks :D

*Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul*

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2PM Hands Up

HOTTEST u have to admit that their image in Hands Up is super HOT!! It looks wayyyyyyyyyy~~~~ better than in Still 2:00PM .... Hands Up image is flawless.... They look like living work of art.. Junho's hair makes me screaming for 1 week...

2PM Jjang!!

25th November 2011
cant' wait!!

Lots of Love, 
Nana Azhar

What A Psychologist Says About Fangirls ( 2PM_facts )

A psychologist says: “Don’t underestimate those children who chase after Korean celebrities, their hearts are purer than anyone else, they love courageously, they will want to try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, the language and cultural barriers. They symbolise peace, they don’t discriminate based on race, they befriend people with the same interest from different countries, they’re more passionate and warm than anyone else. They don’t betray the ones they like easily, they are persistent and don’t give up easily. They are stronger than anyone else on the inside, because when they are loving these Korean stars, they experience the setbacks they’ve never experienced in life. They are all sensitive children, easily touched to tears for a long time because of one incident. 
Through investigation, most of them understand gratitude. Their way of thinking is different from others, they don’t easily get carried away by love, they don’t harbour thoughts of doing bad things, and their criteria when looking for a partner is very high, other than looks, personality is more important, so the rate of marriage isn’t high, but neither is the rate of divorce. 
Their memory is very good, they can easily remember the korean lyrics they don’t understand, and their coordination skills are also very strong. Most of them are cheerful children, not the kind who keep to themselves. Their will of determination is also very strong, they are able to persevere all the way just to buy something related to the celebrity they like. 
In short, the way these children think is vastly different from others, and their thoughts are not easy to understand. Generally, only those who have similar interests are able to enter their world.”
Source + Original Article (on pic) :: HTTP://I52.TINYPIC.COM/AM9JBA.PNG
 Translations ::

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2PM Hands Up Tour : I've Bought The Ticket :D

im rockin' the ROCKPIT !!


Lots of love,
Nana Azhar :D

Friday, September 30, 2011

2PM Live in Malaysia babeh!!!

Im going to type in BLACK because this week is 2PM's week... 2PM is coming to MALAYSIA... I am super duper excited.. I am so excited even if my mom give me MacBook Pro it won't be as excited as i found out bout this... I've been smiling for 1 hour now.. Thank You TM!!!

I am going to use ALL my pocket money for the rockpitt ticket.. I rather not eat to buy the RM638 ticket.. I've been waiting for 2years for this..Finally i get to meet JUNSU, NICHKHUN, TAECYEON, WOOYOUNG, JUNHO and CHANSUNG..

Ticket Detail :-
Selling Date - 8 oct 2011
Concert Date - 25 nov 2011,Friday 8:30PM
Venue - Stadium Negara
Rock Pit - RM638
VVIP  - RM488
VIP - RM388
Free Zone - RM188
** TM customer got 20% discount 

this is the seat awesome is this!!


Feel like flying~~~~
I want to buy those lightstick and balloon the sell online..


HOTTEST official balloon :)

Lots of Love,
Nana Azhar
(2PM's die hard fan - HOTTEST)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Being The Youngest Is Unfair

BEING THE YOUNGEST is not as 'heaven' as some of u may think.. Its worst than u think..

Im the youngest in my family.. I've hurt a lot.. I've cried a lot.. Im not the type of girl that would let my tear drop easily.. Whenever someone hurt me, I would speak my heart out.. I can slap them my vicious words.. But I cry easily when it comes to family matters.. Whenever they hurt me, I cannot do anything... Speaks nothing..  I can only nod and keep the feelings to myself and apologize.. They will NEVER apologize to me.. Why would they? Im the youngest.. My feeling doesn't matter much.. Even though I turning 20 this year but they still treated me as a child.. I'll always be treated as a child for the rest of my life.. At this age,they still make a decision for me.. What i'm supposed to do, What to put in my bedroom, What I should buy.. They will not take NO for an answer.. When I said I want to buy this, they tell me to buy that.. When I said I DON'T want bed in my bedroom,the next day they put bed in my bedroom.. Why waste money for something I don't want?They said they make decision for me for my own good.. What good does it do by putting a queen-sized bed in my small bedroom? I hate my room now for sure.. My mom said I hurt her feeling.. Am I ?I told her many times I don't want a bed in my bedroom..Why can't she understand what I want and what I DON'T want?My brother get to do what he likes and my mom will said "biar laa kt dia..dia mmg mcm tu dh..dia mmg suka buat mcm tu.." My mom let my brother do anything he likes.. But when it comes to me, " mummy tak suka laa nana mcm nie..mummy tak suka laa nana mcm tu"..When i said " nana mmg mcm nie " she'll said " sbb tu laa nana kena ubah perangai tu" .. Mummy akan mengalah when it comes to abg.. Me and akak pn kena mengalah when it comes to abg.. Things get worst when I moved out from Sunway and stay at Damansara Damai 'fulltime' .. Mummy if u feel I constantly hurt ur feeling, I think its best for me to move back to Sunway.. So that u'll not hurt .. And im not hurt as well.. Its best for everybody.. Don't u think?

Yours truly,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My worst REGRET...

on 2008
 *this is definately not my room*
picture gedik nk mampos..maklum laa bdak sekolah lg..

on 2009

on 2010

Look What Happen on 2011
2011 *recently*

Look what 2011 have done to me.... I've become a FATSO... Its not that I'm skinny before.. But I've become HUGE..  Super huge.. I'm frustrated.. Because this is my own fault.. I'm stupid for ignoring what they said on the internet ... What a fool I am.. Urghhhh!!!!!


On 2008 I've lost 25kg in just 3 month.. Nie suma sebab masa sekolah dlu pegi Kawad Kaki KRS *Kadet Remaja Sekolah* ..Time tu plak on medication..Ubat yg doktor bg.. Doktor Alex from Gleneagles Hospital Ampang.. He have scary eyes i tell u.. Damn scary.. Dia suruh mkan ubat to at least for 5 years.. Depends on my recovery.. Ubat tu kena mkn after meal... Since I was in asrama, so malas nk mampos nk bgn awal nk pegi breakfast kt dewan mkn tu... So mkn je laa ubat tu time perut kosong... Pastu tgh hari tu mesti rasa meloya.. Ye laa.. kn ubat tu kena mkn after meal.. Kalau mkn before meal mmg akan rasa meloya.. So sbb rasa loya tu, trus tak lalu nk lunch or dinner... Bler dh start kawad, blik sekolah,tukar bju trus gi kawad... Tak mkn pn .. Klau mkn pn roti je... Kawad 3 bln.. Tak mkn nasi pn 3 bln.. Lepas kawad, SPM plak.. Dgn extra class yg non stop every day.. Mmg laaa letih... 

Kawad Kaki 3 Bulan Tak Makan Nasi 3 Bulan Lost 25 kg

Pnye laa happy.. Dh tak pakai seluar size 35.. Pkai seluar size 30 trus... Kalau korang tak happy ke lost weight mendadak mcm tu?? Happy as hell kn..

So bler msuk college i mix around dgn org yg suka mkn tgh2 mlm.. MAKAN TGH MALAM is a no no.. Supper mmg menggemukkan.. Tp ttap terpengaruh jgk.. So every day mkn tgh mlm.. Almost everyday supper McD.. Then bdan naik sikit.. Realizing this, I trus pegi beli 
LAMI *ubat kurus Indonesia* But the is ubat kurus nie TAK diluluskan oleh Kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia.. Baca kt internet pn byk yg ckp ubat nie bahaya.. Ada byk side effect whatsoever.. Tp nk kurus dgn cara yg murah dn mudah pnye psal, I went and bought it regardless what they said on the internet..

1st week mkn LAMI tu mmg mujarab.. Nasi pn tak lalu nk mkn.. Tgk nasi pn rasa mcm EWWWWW~~~Smpai mummy risau sbb tak nk mkan lnsg.. Mulut kering.. So mineral water mmg always by my side laa.. So mkn laa LAMI nie for 1 month... After 1 month mummy sruh stop tkot effect usus ke buah pinggang ke.. I lost 3 kg in 1 month...Wow right?Yea i know..

After 1 week I stopped taking 
LAMI, selera mkn melampau.. SERIOUSLY.. I sndiri terkjut dgn brapa byk i mkn ... Sbb brapa byk I mkn pn , I tak rasa kenyang LANSUNG.. I can eat 3 plates of rice.. Rasa mcm hantu raya pn ada jgk.. I was shocked.. Really shocked.. 3 pinggan pn tak kenyang lg.. Rmai yg ckp " takkan tak bole control?" ..MMG TAK BOLE CONTROL.. Klau tak caya, try sndiri... I really can't help it..

So in 2011 I've gained 40 kg..YES 40kg!! I cant beliveit my self... Double size than before.. Sepanjang 20 thn I hidup ,taking 
LAMI is 2nd my worst mistake.. I can't even forgive myself..

Haish I need to do something before 2012..

Say NO To LAMI okay??
Diet laa dgn cara yg sihat..
Nk mkn ubat kurus pn make sure u tgk review kt internet and make sure ubat tu diluluskan oleh Kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia and ubat tu original.. Not fake one.. 

- I've learned my lesson -

Lots of Love,

Monday, July 11, 2011

Encik Baju Melayu :D

* Lovie Dovie*

Lots of Love ,
Nana Azhar .

Perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0 Saturday, 9th July 2011

Hello Awesome People!!
Saturday 9th July 2011 : Perhimpunan Bersih 2.0..Oh god this crap is killing everybody else.. It was HECTIC!! KL jammed everywhere.. My cousin have to walk from college at Sunway to her hostel at Kelana Jaya.. My mom stuck in KL for 4 hours.. My customer late for their movie about 1 and a half hours.. Nak pegi buat assignment pn stuck in jammed jgk.. WHAT THE HELL IDIOTS!! Stop causing troubles.. This is why i hate politics.. Politics make us fight with each other.. Pointing fingers.. Being racist.. Suspicious.. Back-stabbing .. Ini suma menambah koleksi2 dosa yg sedia ada... Dgn penipuan, propaganda...haish... Nmpknya Malaysia nie tak MERDEKA lg... Maybe Malaysia dh Medeka dr penjajah tapi kita belum MERDEKA dr diri kita sendiri... Anyway i dont give a shit bout this crap... This BERSIH , politics whatsoever.. Nk buat perhimpunan hari2 pn i dont give a shit.. Tp jgn laa nyusah kan org.. Org lain pn ade kje nk buat.. Nk berhimpun,himpun dpn umah korang je laa... Nie pegi berhimpun tgh2 KL... Mcm mane tak jam.. Buat nye org nk bersalin ke ape ke??? Spe nk tolong ?? Org2 kt Perhimpunan Bersih ke nk tolong? Jgn laa selfish sgt.. Lgpn korang dok berhimpun2 nie, rakyat negara luar tgk mcm mane? Malu oiiiii... Lgpn skrg makin mnjd2 isu perkauman nie... Politik pn ada isu perkauman.. Smpai entertainment industries pn  ada isu perkauman jgk.. Dh tak bole minat Korea, Jepun , Hindustan suma.. Klau Malaysian, kena sokong penyanyi or pelakon Malaysia ja.. RACIST nyaaaaa oiiiiii...Politik plak , Melayu gado ngan Cina..Cina gado ngan India..India gado ngan Melayu... Apa korang nie??? Malaysia harmoni??? Bullshit!! Last 10 years mmg harmoni.. Skrg?? Isu bola pn bole buat gado tau?? Dunia... Dunia..

Dunia nk kiamat dh...Lepas nie kita ramai2 pi berhimpun kt masjid plak ok??:D

p/s : Nie org2 yg pi perhimpunan Bersih tu,bersihkan balik tak tmpt yg korang berhimpun tu?

Lots of Love,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kebiadapan Artis Malaysia di Twitter mereka - Part 2 (They've apologizes)

Hey guys... Thanks for reading last post... This issue spread like TSUNAMI in just one night.. Dh smpai Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea(kt korea tak rmai sgt laa) .. This is embarrassing.. Jgn laa kita nk maki hamun org yg dh maki hamun Super Junior tu... Its really unnecessary.. Jgn jtuhkan standard kita mcm AZWAN ALI.. Sbb Azwan Ali low class skit.. Sbb tu mulut dia mcm tu.. Cbe tgk org yg ade standard, mne de yg mulut mcm Azwan Ali.. Dh dia BANGGA mulut dia laser.. Tgk Mekkah pn tak dapat nk insafkan dia.. Apetah lagi kita insan biasa.. So back to my title.. YES!! THEY'VE APOLOGIZES.. well except for AZWAN ALI ofcoz..

They who apologizes :-
Mila Jirin
Ika Nabella

Mila and Ika did apologizes... Mila apologizes and straight away deactivate her Twitter.. As for Rody Kristal he did said sorry but its not very convincing.. Its more like he HAVE to say sorry.. Mcm tak ikhlas.. And as for Azwan Ali.. Well mana penah dia salah.. Dia kan DIVA No1 MULUT LASER( as said in his/her Twitter..his or her?confusing..ahahhahaha...opppsss) .. He called us Enjjing (Anjing) continuously.. His/her Twitter post is full with Enjjing.. Even i getting tired of the word "Enjjing".. Mula sakit hati jgk.. Lama2 dh tak sakit hati dh.. Sbb dalam pala otak dh trfikir , maybe Azwan Ali dh nyanyuk kot.. Ye laa tua2 dok buat perangai lg.. Aish nnt laa buat post psal Azwan Ali... Nak Tulis kt sini pjg berjela plak..

Anyway thank u kpd Mila and Ika sbb mntak maaf... Saya jg personally mntak maaf jika ada terkasar bahasa pd post yg lpas.. Bukan niat nk bashing artis2 pujaan korang.. Tapi hanya mengeluarkan pendapat dan isi hati.. Maaf jika ada kata2 kesat yg di keluarkan(walaupun sy rasa tak de pun kata2 kesat yg dikeluarkan) .. Kalau tak nk maafkan, tu terpulang kpd individu masing2 ye.. Saya bkn anti Mila or Ika.. Saya hanya warga Malaysia yg meminati lagu2 Korea..

Harap2 pekara ini tak berlanjutan.. Harap kita tak bashing sesama sendiri.. 

Kepada Kpop fans seluruh Malaysia keep on rocking the Kpop wave..

Kepada Anti Kpop kembangkan lah otak anda dgn membaca my next post ...

Lots of Love,
Nana Azhar

Monday, May 30, 2011

Kebiadapan Artis Malaysia di Twitter mereka

psst..psst...nk dgr cite HOT PANAS LAGI MELETOP psal artis Malaysia sekarang? artis2 Malaysia yg terlibat  dlm me-maki hamun serta mengeluarkan kata2 pnas smpai trlupa yg mereka nie public figure yg sering diperhatikan setiap tutur kata atau post2 di FB or twitter is........

1) Azwan Ali
beliau yg lpas blik dari umrah..
beliau yg bangga dgn mulut laser nya ..
and brag about it mcmlah mulut laser tu adlah bnda yg baik..
dia dgn bangga nya tweet kata peminat Super Junior ni HANJING..
hurm..igt kan blik umrah dh insaf laa...
ape lah agaknya peminat2 Super Junior nie kt dia smpai dia kluarkan kata2 mcm tu?
amboi..amboi..amboi noks...

2) Mila AF 5
mila muka baik...
tp muka ja ngutuk kuat jgk..maki kuat jgk...
tweet tanpa sempadan..
pemikiran sekecil tubuhnya..

3) Rody and Afiez
tak kenal pn sape beliau nie..
tp he is from band called Kristal..
nie laa yg bengang sbb tak bole pkai toilet msa kt Himpunan Belia haritu sbb tu toilet Super Junior..
beliau yg slah kan Super Junior sbb toilet trsbut instead of blaming the organizer..

4) Ika Nabella
entah laa sape nie...xknal dont ask me who is she..
tp ayat dia typical malay thinker,narrow minded,underage..
i've read somewhere ,she have a plastic surgery at her ______..
tp wallahualam laa..
kang bg tau,kena saman sbb fitnah plak kn..

There's a war between Kpop Fans and Malaysian Celebs.. It all starts because of the TOILET issue at Himpunan Sejuta Belia recently.. As far as I know these ppl bengang sbb diorg tak bole msuk toilet(tak toilet yg mana 1) sbb toilet tersebut hanya utk kegunaan Super Junior M yg buat persembahan mlm tu.. Well biasa laa kan..Artis luar dtg mesti kena bg layanan istimewa sikit sbb diorg yg nk bwak nama Malaysia and cite kt negara diorg kan.. So dari pandangan korang, nie salah Super Junior M or salah Organizer? Nape diorg kutuk2 and maki2 Super Junior?Npe ckp peminat2 Super Junior nie ANJING wahai Encik Azwan Ali oii? Cermin diri dulu sblm pggl org lain ANJING..Cik Ika Nabella..Kami yg narrow minded atau awak tu yg TYPICAL MALAYSIAN ARTIST THINKER? Dlm entertainment industries nie korang tak bole nk suruh or paksa org support berdasarkan kaum,agama,or nationality.. Entertainment industries nie UNIVERSAL..Ade org minat KOREA.. Ade org minat Hindustan.. Ade org minat Hollywood..Tapi tak semestinya kami tak sokong Malaysian Entertainment Industries..For example walaupun kami minat Super Junior tak semestinya kami tak minat KRU.. Walaupun kami minat Wonder Girls tak semestinya tak minat Siti Nurhaliza.. Walaupun kami minat Rain tak semestinya kami tak minat Faizal Tahir..Kami warga Malaysia takkan kena dgr lagu artis Malaysia je..Takkan kena tgk cita2 Malaysia je.. Cbe pikir sikit.. Ape sebenarnye mslh artis Malaysia yg tak puas hati sgt dgn Kpop nie?Cbe bgtau nape..tak perlu nak maki2 diorg and fans diorg..sbb korang public figure..dgn maki2 nie nmpk sgt ke-tidak-matangan korang tu..maki berguni..isi takda..cuba bg statement or sbb2 yg munasbah and msuk akal..

"Nak kencing kt muka Super Junior boleh?"


Itu adlah antara ayat yg di kluarkan oleh artis Malaysia yg mnuntut sokongan dr rakyat Malaysia..

"Ak dari awal lg join fan club ak trpksa kluar dr fan club dia ..ak xsangka dia mcm nie.."

"Astghafirllahhalazim Azwan Ali..rumah dh kata pegi , kubur dh memanggil ..berubah laa.. Dh blik umrah pn perangai ttap sama"

" Mulut and prangai Azwan Ali dh liat sgt..Umrah pn xdpt nk insafkn dia"

"Otomatik xminat Mila.."

Ini pula antara ayat dr mereka2 yg dh bca Twitter Mila and Azwan Ali.. So ape yg diorg dpt dari memaki hamun?? PEMINAT LARI..

I've watched tons of videos of Korean talk show yg tak ditayang kn kt Malaysia.. Semua artis Korea puji melambung2 psal Malaysia..They love the food, the environment, the peoples, the weather.. Plus ramai Korean yg tinggal kt Malaysia..Tapi korang plak lebih2 kutuk2 maki2 diorg.. Drama btol korang nie..

"cbe korang dduk kt tmpt kteorg..ape prasaan korang.."

" artis malaysia di anak tiri-kan"

Cube plak korang dduk kt tmpt diorg..ape prasaan korang kena maki tak tentu pasal..Knape di anak tiri-kan plak?sbb xdpt toilet khas?Tapi yg peliknya npe artis Korea je yg kena maki? Nape fans kpop je yg kena maki? Tu Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Usher, and artis2 barat yg lain dtg, tak de plak yg nk maki hamun.. Rmai je artis Malaysia yg pegi concert artis2 barat nie.. Aik artis barat oklaa..Artis asia tak ok laa?? Tau tak ramai org2 barat and artis2 barat duk perlekeh kn ASIA.. Perlekehkan ISLAM.. Perlekehkan MALAYSIA?? Contoh nya Lady Gaga ckp kita kolot psal sistem censored  kt Malaysia nie.. tp still byk yg sokong Lady Gaga.. Knapa?? Sbb lagu Lady Gaga kena dgn cita rasa diorg.. Sama juga seperti kami.. Kami minat lagu Korea sbb kena dgn cita rasa kami..Tapi tak semestinya lagu2 Faizal Tahir, Estranged , Ella, Awie tu suma tak kena dgn cita rasa kami.. So tak payah laa smpai nk maki2 artis korea sbb perasaan korang yg fragile tu.. Jgn drama lebih sgt.. Nnt peminat lari, ckp tak support artis Malaysia plak...Padahal korang sendiri yg buat peminat lari.. So tak payah laa ckp kami nie narrow minded ye Cik Ika Nabella.. pegi beli cermin and cermin diri korang dulu ok... Kalau laser tak tentu pasal and tak kena tempat pn nnt org ckp BODOH plak kan Encik Azwan Ali.. So ayat kena jaga jugak ye Cik Mila.. Nnt makin kurang plak ahli fanclub tu..Encik Rody and Encik Afiez pn tak ramai drpd kencing kt muka Super Junior baik korang pegi cari lg ramai peminat..buang masa jaa tweet merepek2 nie..elok2 org nk minat,berterabur lari suma xjd nk minat..


Super Junior

Why we love kpop?
- they are super talented with proper training 3-8 years..
- they are super dedicated..
- super hard working..
- they can sing in english, chinese, japanese..
-,singing,acting,DJ,VJ,modeling u name it..
- humble..down to earth..
- well manners..
- full package..
- they dont bash others out of the blue..(opssss)
- awesome quality of voice and dance..
- great personality..
- their tv show/talk show are interesting enough to attract ppl all over the world..
(for example their show called 2days 1night is about them promoting Korea ..but they make it fun and it to believe it)

P/S : akak ipar ak yg tak minat Kpop lansung pun bole layan Korean pnya TV show..Sebab best and xbosan lansung..mcm 2Days 1Night..tu laa Documentary yg plg best skali..Akak ipar ak smpai tnya "nape takde cite2 cmni kt Malaysia ha?"..

Lots of Love,
Nana Azhar

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nana ,what's with u and spoil food??

I've realized nowdays dat i ALWAYS ate spoil food... Am i too dumb to ate em'?  Im not sure y.. Maybe because i can't tell just by looking at it... Nk kne bau dlu baru bole tau... For example teh o' ais... Kalau tgk je mne nk taw dye dh basi.. Kte kne bau dlu.. Kadang2 dgn bau pn kte xtaw.. Kene rase dlu bru taw.. Last week, i was tooooooooooo thirsty... Then nmpk teh dlm bungkus.. Pstu try minum.. OH MY GOD!! dh xelok rupenye.. Blurghhh... Igt kn xde pape... Sbb minum skit je.. Tgh mlm tu ,jeng jeng jeng!! Mula lah sket prot... Sket prot 2 hari.. Igtkn sket pro sbb mkn macaroni goreng tu.. Igt2 blik rpenye sbb teh tu... Aish.. Dlu mkn sup basi 2 pinggan.. lps tu beli nasik,pakcik tu bg lauk basi.. Pstu tersedut Teh susu basi(tersalah straw..ahahaha) Skrg minum teh o' basi... Tp xkurus2 jgk...huarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:((

Lots of pain,
Nana Azhar

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tetamu Tetap Yang Tak Diundang

Oppssss.. Oppssss.. Nie bkn cter hantu okay.. Meh sini dok dkat2 skit ade rahsia nk bgtaw nie.. Dh 4bln pendam woyyy... Nie cter psl life ak n roomate ak, Faa recently.. cter yg bkal ak cter nie akan jd lbh menarik if ade picture2 menarik, visual 3D or if korang bole experience it urself .. Tp sebab ak nie  baik hati sgt.. Angel sgt.. Ak xltak laa gambar.. Kang kne saman plak.. So begini lah alkisahnya..

Once upon a time....
Setelah 2 sem xjmpe ameer sbb malu dgn sms yg di hantar kpd ameer... Owh phone ak kne hack.. Spe yg hack? Misteri smpai skrg.. Anyway sbb kteorg die hard SPAIN's fan, kteorg gi tgk World Cup 2010 final kt KJ.. Dari situ ,bakal bermulalah sebuah kisah cinta epic... Cewahhhh... Ak bwk kwn ak.. Nama dirahsiakan... Ameer bwk housemate dye.. One of his housemate is Mr R*alamak obvious nye:-s *.. Dh habes tgk Spain menang, Mr R nie nmpk mcm ske plak kt kwn ak.. Maklumlah same negeri.. Tp kwn ak nie xminat kt R nie sbb katenye R nie pendek.. not her style.. Anggap mcm kwn je.. Lagipun kwn ak nie dh ade BF time tu.. Tup2 at the right time, dye break dgn boyfie dye atas sbb2 yg ak perlu rahsiakan.. Ak rahsia kn sbb bkn nye penting pn nk bgtaw.. Main point ak nk cter nie sbb ak nk cter psl R nie.. Back to the story.. So after dat diorg contact2 laa through Facebook.. Through phone.. Yg si R nie dtg laa kt ak ngan faa tnye cmne nk ngorat kwn ak nie.. Dlm proses nk ngorat kwn ak nie, dye mengampu laa ak ngan faa.. Blanje mkn.. Bwk jln2.. Baik gler laa.. Smpai nmpk sayap angel kt blakang dye.. At last couple jgk.. Bler diorg dh couple, R nie dh x angel dh.. Lame2 dye ade mntk permission nk tumpang tido umah kteorg knonnye sbb esk pg2 ade klas.. Sng skit nk gi klas.. Mula2 tdo 1 hari.. Pastu lame2 jd 3 hari.. Lame2 dh jd 4 BULAN dh.. December 2010 until March 2011... Lama tu woyyy.. The best part is he stayed there for FREE!! Duit sewa xbyr.. Duit electric n duit air pn xbyar!! Padahal ade sewa umah kt tmpt lain.. Tp dh trlalu 'syg' sgt2 kt kwn ak nie smpai xjmpe jln blik umah.. Melekat je kt umah ak nie.. Ak ngan faa nie dh rse len mcm dh.. Rse mcm kteorg plak yg menumpang kt umah diorg.. Kteorg ade 1 bilik kosong.. Kteorg pn cari org yg nk sewa.. Tp xde org yg nk menyewa bilik kt umah kteorg nie sbb nye ade si R lahanat nie!! Kteorg nie trpksa laa byr mhal sbb dh laa xde org yg nk sewa bilik kosong tu.. Dye plak dduk FREE!! memang laa ak dgn faa ske buat kje amal.. mmg umah kteorg nie umah tumpangan free.. meh2 spe2 nk 'geli2' dgn partner diorg meh laa umah kteorg.. mmg kteorg ske kne tangkap dgn JAIS.. ak ngan faa mmg meyokong segala aktiviti2 haram nie.. ak xkisah laa diorg nk geli2 ke.. Nk raba2 ke.. Nk romen2 ke.. Mampos kt korang laa.. Tp jgn nk babit kt org sekeliling ko.. Buatnye kne cekup dgn JAIS cmne? Ak ngan Faa pn kne skali.. Jgn nk selfish sgt laa.. Ak ngan faa bkn nye nk nyibuk ke nk tnjuk baik ke.. Sbb kteorg pn bknnye baik sgt smpai nk nasihat2 org nie.. Tp jgn laa nyusah kn kteorg.. Ckuplaa slame nie kteorg dh ssh2 nk byr mhal semata2 nk bg R nie dduk FREE.. Makcik2 sblh slalu dok tnye psl laki dlm umah.. Faa pn gi tipu makcik tu ckp R nie abg dye.. Tipu je laa nk tlg kwn pnye psl.. R nie pn mke tembok.. Kteorg dh tnye awek dye tu bler yg R nie nk kuar.. Dye ckp bln 1 kuar laa.. Sbb R nie dh dpt umah bru.. Lpe nk ckp, before this R nie dduk FREE kt umah course mate ak sbb bpak dye ade umah kt sunway.. So course mate ak nie pn ajak laa dye tggal skali.. Tp sbb cinta kasih dn sayang nya trhadap kwn ak  tu, dye pn kuar dr umah tu bln 12 aritu n dduk umah kteorg secara FREE smpai laa dye pndh brg dye ke umah Shark*bdak yg ak knl mse 1st sem dlu* tp dye sewa kt situ hanya utk ltk brg.. Sbb jasadnye masih menetap di umah kteorg.. Ak ngan faa nie pun diam je sbb kata kwn ak nie R dh nk berambus dh.. Tp kami tunggu dr hari ke hari xjgk berambus.. BETAPA KUKUHNYA CINTA MEREKA.. Kagum ak.. Mcm Romeo n Juliette dh... Pada 1 hari tuan umah kteorg ckp akhir bln March kteorg kne kuar umah.. OH BAHAGIANYA!!!! xpyh hari2 ak nk risau kne cekup dgn JAIS.. Xpyh laa faa slalu sgt ulang alik blik Banting.. Yes!! Faa ulang alik dr Banting ke Sunway.. Abes klas blik gi Banting blik... Seksa woyyy... Kteorg pun kemas2 brg suma.. Tup2 lovebird tu kuar dlu.. Bagussssss sgt!! Umah xkemas pn.. Xpyh ckp umah, bilik diorg pn xkemas!! Mmg ak ngan faa nie kuli batak nk tlg kemas kan.. Kasut2 diorg xnk tu diorg tggal je.. Kuli mne plak yg nk tlg buang kn? Ak nie haa yg buangkn.. Ade ke ptot blah cmtu je.. Mmber pe cmni weyh? Lepas dh pnat2 kemas umah, time nk kemas toilet plak.. Ak cuci toilet blik ak.. Faa cuci toilet lovebird yg kt luar tu.. Tbe2 ak dgr faa jerit mcm kne rogol "NANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eeeeeeeeiiiiiii!!!" ..  Ak pn gi laa tgk apsal dye jerit.. Tgk2 ade CONDOM!!!! siap ade sperm kering lg!! CHOIII!!!!!! Babi weyh!!! Igt ade 1 je.. Tbe2 Faa jerit lagi!! CHOIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ade lagi.. Sial habes mata ak.. Dh laa ak nie xtaw bntuk condom tu cmne.. nasib baik bkn ak yg cuci toilet tu.. Klau x,xpsal2 ak plak sentuh najis tu.. Choii!! Choii!! Choii!!.. Lpas dikira2 total najis trkumpul adlh 6!! Trdapat dlm 2 variasi warna iaitu 3 pink kaler n 3 white kaler... Najis!! Najis!! Najis!! Slamat ak ade glove.. Faa pn gi buang bnde yg diorg gne semasa mnjalankan hubungan terlarang trsebut... HOI R!! Dh dpt sedap,buang laa woiii...xde spe nk tgk condom trpkai ko tu bodoh!! Dgr cter ko nk gi umrah.. Gi umrah ape condom bersepah!! Mazhab mne ko pkai ? Ustaz mne ajar ko? Ko igt nie umah tumpangan kt chowkit tu ke? Suke2 plak nk cmpak condom... Dh laa dok umah FREE!! Xkemas umah.. Sepah kn condom lg!! Btol laa kwn2 ko dok ckp kt ak yg ko nie ske amik kesempatan.. Take things for granted.. Ko ckp jgn kwn ngan faa sbb dye bad influence.. Ko tu lg trok ko taw.. Ak tgk nme ko kt news feed fb ak pn ak dh trbyg DUREX!! Smpai trpksa ak unfriend ko.. Ko jgn muncul dpn mata ak lg.. Sbb ak xbley amik risiko utk nmpk mke ko sbb ak xbley control mulut or tgn ak.. Ak tkot ak tr sekeh pale ko je.. Ko mmg muka xmalu kn.. Kalau ak jd ko, ak dh bnuh diri dh sbb malu dgn perangai mcm tu.. After all of this pn ko xde usaha lnsg nk ckp thank u ke im sorry ke.. Ketebalan muke ko mmg tahap membanggakan.. Kebodohan ko mmg tahap mengagumkan.. Tahniah!! Dgr nme ko pn ak dh allergic.. Nk muntah dh rsenye.. Ape2 pn ak harap korang happy2 laa ye.. jgn smpai kne cekup nga JAIS dh laa.. Sini bukan Sbah.. Jais ske dtg Sunway.. Xpun korang kawen laa cpt skit.. xde laa lps nie bhaye kan org lain kne cekup skali.. HAPPY ALWAYS laa yea.. Jgn pedajal org lain plak lps nie.. Psl ko R xpsal2 ak gado plak ngan mmbe ak.. haih..... redha je laa.. ak ngan faa kn kuli batak ko.. Kteorg mmg ske kutip kondom org yg nk pegi umrah nie.. Kteorg mmg ske dok sebumbung dgn lovebird mcm korang.. Slamat pegi umrah ye.. Pasang niat btol2 ye..Gi tanah suci klau niat xbtol, akan membahayakan diri tu.. Renung2kn lah ye R..

Oh yea dlu ko pnah pggl ak n faa ur soul sister kn.. 

Lots of Hate,
Nana Azhar..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2 days 1 night 1박 2일 Jjang!!

I watched 2 days 1 night at KBS World.. Hosted by ever so popular host, Kang Hodong, my bunny Lee Seung Gi, my cute ajusshi Lee Su-geun, my candy Eun Ji-Won, and smiley Kim Jong Min.. I looooovvvveeeeee the show... i super loooooovvveeee the hosts... And I super duper looooovvvveee Seunggi and Jiwon.. The show is mainly about 5 of them travelling the whole Korea.. Obviously to promote Korea.. Which is a brilliant idea i would say.. This is a fun entertainment/documentary i might say.. I laughed hard everytime i watch the show.. I can watch the same episode over and over again.. I've watched the same kind of documentary that promote Malaysia.. It was BORING~~ But this is different.. They always have mission everytime they are assign to go certain places.. They play games before they can eat.. And  play games to decide whether they can sleep inside or outside.. It's fun.. They are funny... But i realllllllllyyyyyyyy miss MC Mong.. It is super fun when MC Mong were one of them :'( ... But sadly MC Mong got some issues regarding his military service.. Im not sure what issues that is because i don't wanna know.. It makes me sad so i decided not to read about the issues..   Why am i sad? Because the 6 of them were soooooo close.. It was so sad to see Mong out of the group .. Almost as sad as when Kim C announced that he will no longer be a part of 2 days 1 night on his last episode with them.. They all cried.. I almosttttt cried.. Not because i like Kim C.. Because they are soooo close.. They are like brothers.. Hurm~~ I really hope whatever MC Mong is dealing with right now, will be settle as soon as possible.. I really want to see him in 2 days 1 night again.. 

P/S : image above the old pic..from above left is Seunggi, Kim C, Hodong, Jiwon..Lower left : MC Mong and Su-geun..(at this time Kim C replace Jongmin because Jongmin was doing his 2 years military service)

People out there do tune on KBS World channel 391 at ASTRO

2 days 1 night - Friday 11.23pm at KBS World
1박 2일 Jjang!!


Lots of love,
Nana Azhar

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What's wrong with loving kpop?

Kpop wave has grown BIG since DBSK/TVXQ.. It doesn't start with H.O.T or S.E.S.. It starts with DBSK then followed by Super Junior, SNSD, 2PM,MBLAQ,SHINee etc.. It doesn't stop there.. The wave has become a tsunami.. And im very proud of it because Asian entertainment industries is well known worldwide because of kpop.. Yes!!worldwide..
Anti-kpop out there might be laughing.. But u might not know that a lot of k-pop idol has work with hollywood star.. For example 2NE1 has work with Black Eyed Peas.. Jay Park has worked with B.O.B.. Super Junior worked with Justin Timberlake's choreographer.. And a lot more.. So i am very proud of them..
What's to love about kpop?
Well for those who keep saying "eee kpop?poyo nye" "kpop?hish ntah pape ntah" "Kpop nie gay!!" actually they r pathetic... Mostly Malaysian yg berfikiran sempit je ckp mcm nie.. Npe kpop poyo pulak? Npe kpop
gay plak? Tell me.. Tu Ricky Martin gay, xde spe kisah pn.. Adam Lambert gay, xde spe heran pn.. Rmai lg artis hollywood yg gay.. sume ok je.. Kpop nie xde yg gay pn.. Npe nk ckp diorg gay? Sebab mke diorg jambu? Diorg mntk ke muke diorg jd cmtu? Or mungkin sbb bju diorg mse on stage.. FYI diorg punya coordi-noona yg pilih kn bju diorg.. Igt diorg kuar jln2 pki bju pelik2 tu ke? Please laa .. Jgn biar otak tu sempit sgt.. To malaysian yg anti kpop, klau bkn asian yg nk support asian entertainment industries, spe lg yg nk support.. jgn nk ngutuk sgt... Yes i admit mmg ramai yg fanatik sgt dgn kpop idol diorg.. Ade yg buat wallpaper lappy diorg.. Buat screensaver handphone diorg.. Tp ape plak hak korang nk nyampah? Korang ke yg beli lappy n handphone diorg?
Diorg dgr lagu korea hari2 dlm mp3 diorg.. Korang peduli ape? Diorg buat lagu korea jd ringtone n caller ringtone.. Korang kesah pe? Korang xske lantak korang r.. Xkacau korang pn.. Korang plak over2 nk bnci diorg npe plak? Korang yg poyo sbnrnye.. What ?? Dgr lagu Maher Zain lg bgus atleast dia Islam bkn kapiaq?? Nie lg 1 kebodohan hakiki.. Apsal yg korang nie racist sgt? Music is universal.. Jgn nk kaitkn agama plak.. Maher Zain knon.. Tu pakat heboh2 dgr lgu Bruno Mars(im a fan of him though:D) laa.. Katy Perry laa.. Tak Pernah dgr plak Bruno Mars msuk
Islam kn.. Islam xmengajar kte utk membenci sesama manusia walaupun berlainan agama.. Klau minat Maher Zain, dgr laa lgu dye.. Bak kata Anuar Hadi*from his youtube channel inianuarhadi* lain org lain citarasa nya.. Kalau org tu nk minat kpop,ske hati diorg laa.. Kalau ade yg nk minat hollywood ke bollywood ke ske hati diorg la... Ape hak korang nk ngutuk citarasa diorg.. Eventhough diorg fanatik sgt smpai ckp idol diorg tu boyfie diorg, korang over nk bnci npe? Ppl are allowed to fantasize or imagine things.. Its just in their head..Oh yeaa yg ckp " dgn gedikye sembang , tu bf dia laa apa laa..Aku rasa artis kpop tu pun
xnk tgk mke diorg.." Hohohohooooo....FYI diorg lg ske tgk fans diorg.. Sebab fans diorg yg buat diorg happy.. Hadiah2 yg diorg dpt dr fans diorg sume diorg pkai.. Example mcm Kim Heechul(suju) dye still pkai bju tido yg fans dye bg.. And dye pkai cover iphone yg fans dye bg.. Diorg interact dgn fans diorg through their mini homepage.. They really appreciate their fans.. So BACK OFF SUCKER!! Mengutuk dgn kenyataan yg salah adlh sesuatu yg memalukan ok... Malu skit ok.. Insaf2 laa...
mne gay nye?xnmpk pn..

Lots of Love,
Nana Azhar

Sunday, March 20, 2011

U-Kiss - ManManHani :D

Top left : Alexander, Ki Seop, Kevin,
Bottom left : Dong Ho, Eli, Kibum, So Hyun

I know UKISS because of Kibum*because he is Hyungjoon's (SS501) lil bro*..But i started to listen to their song because of Dong HO*Dong ho participated in program show called "Maknae Rebellion"also known as" ep4 with SHINee ,Key was copying UKISS shoulder dance in Man Man Ha Ni mv* and then i started to love Dong Ho.. but way before i love Dong Ho, i love Alex first and added him on Twitter:)
While watching Maknae Rebellion last night on Youtube, i was starting to love their song Man Man Ha Ni.. So i downloaded it and put it in my MP3.. Im loving the shoulder dance man!! Seriously.. It looks cool.. So I keep listening to their song along with MBLAQ's song.. Its addictive.. I keep doing the shoulder dance.. Scary man!! I can't help it..
Anyway to those who love either Ukiss, 2AM, FT Island, T-Max*first 3 or 4 episode only(maybe)*or MBLAQ* around episode 12 i think* , go to Youtube and search for "Maknae Rebellion" u can watch all of their maknae their..

Ukiss Maknae : Dong Ho
2AM Maknae : Jinwoon
FT Island Maknae : Seung Hyun
MBLAQ Maknae : Mir
Mighty Mouth Maknae : Shorry J
T-Max Maknae : Yun Hwa*now former already:(*

So,shuhh shuhhh... Go watch ppl.. Worth watching.. I promise:)

P/S : T-Max was the one who sing "Almost Paradise" in Boys Over Flower..One of the group member, Kim Joon were cast as Song Woo Bin..(im just telling in case u guys don't know)

Lots of love,
Nana Azhar

Friday, March 18, 2011

His Name Is Gin

This is my baby .. My very own DSLR Nikon D3100..
His name 'Gin' .. Why named it as Gin? It is simply because i love Bleach anime so much.. Since Gin is my fav character and i really love him so much*and his already dead* so i named it as 'Gin' and i'll love this Nikon as much as i love the real Gin:)..
I bought Gin with my own money.. So i really2 proud of it.. So i would like to showing it off*if u don't care,i don't give a shit either..since this is my blog i'll post whatever i want* ahahahaha!!
I take a look at the manual.. It's one hell of a manual man!!It's thick!!
I really need to study it.. By the way im so glad i can bring my Gin for his first vacation with me to Langkawi this Sunday:)

Welcome To The Family Gin:)

16th March 2011
I'll mark my calendar
We'll celebrate ur bday every year:D

p/s : i sounded like a psycho..pardon me:-s

Lots of love,
Nana Azhar

Thursday, March 17, 2011

MBLAQ Cry ^__^

--Seung Ho ------- G.O -------- Lee Joon ----- Thunder ------- Mir --

Awwwww~~~ Aren't they awesome?? They are.. This is the song that makes me fall in love with them.. My bias is G.O and Mir.. MBLAQ works under Bi(Rain).. That's explain the body wave in every mv.. ahahahha!! Well they debut in 2009.. But i just started to love them around this month because of their song called CRY*the pic above is the CRY's promo picture:)* I can't post the video.. Don't blame me... Blame the internet.. Call me pervert but they r super sexaayyyyy!!!!I can't help it.. I really can't..I listen to their song all day since the first day i downloaded their song last 2 weeks.. I listen to CRY only.. 1 song n repeat it over and over again.. Now the song become my ringtone.. its going to be my caller ringtone soon.. Yay!!! I gonna think how to get rid of this obsession.. It is killing me!! So stay tune:D

P/S : go support MBLAQ ppl!! To those who haven't listen to their song yet, go ahead and listen to CRY.. You'll love it for sure:D

MBLAQ lover,
Nana G.O:)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

BEASTLY Pettyfer:)

Beastly?? hurm how should i put this? I FRIGGIN' LOVE IT!!!
Love Is Never Ugly.. It sounded like hopeless romantic.. I love this movie that doesn't mean I am hopeless romantic.. The movie is sweet.. Especially when Alex Pettyfer is the Beast.. In real life if Alex Pettyfer is my beast, i would say 'I Love You' right away...:D

This movie is from kids fairy tale 'Beauty and The Beast'..Nice story..Nice plot..Good choice of cast..Excellent choice of song too..I love Vanessa Hudgens ..I love Alex Pettyfer*
i love him since Wild Child FYI not because of this movie or Iam Number Four* .. I enjoy every minute of this movie..Its a very sweet movie for those lovebirds out there..So to those who haven't watch it yet,why wait?Go watch it..You'll love it for sure:D

P/S : i listen to Pixie Lott - Broken Arrow every single day:)

Lots of love,
Nana Azhar:)

Friday, February 18, 2011

THE RITE *movie review*

THE RITE - A story bout exorcism and priest that kind of stuff..well i thought only Malaysia have this kind of movie..Hollywood have it too..well this is a story bout Micheal Kovac*i kinda forgot his name but i think this is his name..correct me if im wrong*who doesn't believe in God,Jesus,and evil spirit..somehow for some reason he entered an academy for future priest that fight evil spirit at Rome.. Because of his strong disbelieve of God n evil spirit, Father Xavier ask him to meet with Father Lucas... And this is all how it begins.. hurm...this movie to me is average..not lovin' it...not hatin' it either..i dunno..maybe i've seen a lot of this in Malaysian movie since Malaysian entertainment industry love to produce horror movies this to me its quite boring..this kind of movie if u wanna watch it,i suggest watch it on WEDNESDAY *at every cinema got Wednesday Special..the ticket price cheaper than normal than sure all of u are aware of it right?*so this is my review..from my point of view..i dunno bout yours..maybe diffrent than mine..ok to wrap this up,this is my rating..


p/s : can't wait to watch Black Swan and Beastly..

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Multi Negative Attitude Man

lets name him 'S'

all my life i never find someone who is that thick skin and self center as he is..
he takes us for granted..
not only me but his other friends too..
he takes us for granted in so many ways..
i have to admit though..he is good at taking ppl for granted..
i bet he's been doing it since he was a cry baby..
he is a superb 'actor' too..
he's been acting all nice in front of us ..
me n one of my friend(called 'N') believed that he was a nice man..
his friend came to me and told me bout his acting skills..
but i don't believe them ..because in my eyes he was a very nice man..
until one day me n 'N' witnessed ourself the other side of his..
it is ugly as he looks..
it is almost like "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" to me..
he is a LIAR!!
after he gets my friend(called 'R') to be his GF,he just turn into Mr Hyde..
to me and 'N','R' is like our lil sister..
we r not besties..WE ARE SISTERS!!
now everything turn upside down..
now 'R' is far away from us..
she won't even talk to us n literately ask us to stay away from her life..
well it's not like im interfering her love life or anything..
but he's been brainwashing her..
now she listen to every word he says..
he is a troublemaker..
he lose his 'R' is losing her's too..
we love 'R'...yeah we do..
but because of 'S',we had a cold war..
i use to like seeing 'R' and 'S' together..
but now since he is causing me a trouble,im starting to hate him..
he is a trouble for me..
yet he blah blah-ing to 'R' n turning me into a bad person..
wat the heck!!
now there r just 2 of them in their own world..
no friends at all..
they thought they have friends but they don't..
because their friends hate them..
how do i know?
because their friends are my friends too..
he might think that i don't know him..
but i do know him..i know a lot bout him that 'R' don't know..
'R' didn't notice anything because she is too blinded by his so-called LOVE..
oh god dis lovebirds are causing me trouble..


dear 'R' ,

hye 'R' ..dh lme kte xsembang2..bkn ak nk msuk cmpur urusan korang..mmg x pun..ko pun knal ak cmne...ko knal ak lg lme pd ko knal 'S' kn.. tp situation skrg xbley berpnjangan..sbb situation skrg mmg xelok..ko pn xbrckp ngan ak..ak xbrckp ngan ko..kte dh xmcm dlu..kte dh xlepak2..dh xrapat mcm dlu..dlu ssh snang mcm mne pn kte still xperasan ke sume nie?yes mmg ak happy klau ko happy sbb ko kwn ak..ak xanggap ko kwn ak..slame nie ak anggap kte nie mcm adik bradik skrg kte dh mcm strangers..yes mmg ak xske 'S' sbb he is different dr ak knal dye dlu and sbb ape yg dye buat skrg..bnde yg dye buat skrg xbtol..xelok..ak bkn nk msuk mslhnye bnde yg dye buat skrg effect ak skali..ak xnk nnt bnde nie jd mslh bsar..kwn2 dye sume bnci dye sbb ape yg dye buat skrg..n skrg kte mcm strangers pn sbb bnde yg dye buat skrg..ko ske ke keadaan jd mcm nie?ak xske sbb ak ske keadaan kte mcm dlu..happy2..lpak sme2..kte dh lme knal..ak xnk bnde nie jd mslh kt kte..slame nie ko couple dgn len,kte xde problem mcm nie pn..skrg npe problem mcm nie timbul?ak xske kte gado2 sbb hal2 mcm nie..we need to talk..ak syg ko mcm adk ak sndiri and ak xnk sbb bnde yg dye buat,kte kwan smpai sini je..come and talk to me..

Nana Horvejkul

Monday, February 14, 2011

Super Show 3 M'sia Tix Info

Super Show 3

where : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
when : 19th March 2011, SAT
time : 6pm

Rockpitt/Terrace Seats : RM480
Balcony Seats : RM370
Partial Restricted View : RM220
(all price are inclusive of the RM6 ticketing fee)

where : Sungei Wang Mall
when : 19th FEB 2011
time : 10am - 10pm

Online Tix Sales :-
where :
when : 20th FEB 2011, 12 noon onwards


lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

Sunday, February 6, 2011


INSOMNIA!!!!!yup2..i've been insomnia since 2008...after SPM i just dunno wat to i was freakin' bored...since there's no book to study,i started to study the FACEBOOK..oh god!! this 'facebook' disease really makes me stay up all night...well not just facebook.. YOUTUBE to blame too..too much video to watch...but so little i decided to sleep around 2am...but lama2 trus xtdo..there's 1 time around June 2009, i didn't sleep for 5 days!! seriously...because i was downloading videos..BLEACH obessed with Bleach,so the whole 5 days i was downloading the whole 250 episodes of Bleach*now episode 300+ already:)* The next day, i was buying food at Giant, Kelana Jaya , while i was pushing the cart,without realizing, i sleep while walking...goodness...slamat xlanggar tiang.. this is the example that u shouldn't follow peeps...because its not good for ur health*i know but i dun care**sigh* too late to 're-schedule" my sleeping time...its been almost 3 years now...i'll sleep when the sun rise..and wake up when the sun sets...mcm knon2 org LONDON dtg bermaustatin kt MALAYSIA tp kne jetlag*jetlag otak mu nana* .. FYI, i am MALAYSIAN!!ahaha..sorry for being like this..i really can't help it..because of this INSOMNIA,i have a pair of PANDA eyes*winkwink* ..who cares?i dun give a sh* sume sibuk2 nk buat smokey eyes, sbb tdo lmbt hari,i have my own natural smokey eyes..hebat kn? Anyway guys,jgn nk insomnia sgt...xelok..."xelok npe buat jgk?" i ask this question my self..but i dun have the answer..xpe2 biar ak je buat..korang jgn ok..sbb nnt jd ting tong like me doing some random stuff SAY NO TO INSOMNIA!!:D

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

Saturday, February 5, 2011

manusia zaman sekarang..


Situasi 1
nk tgk wayang :
Why so expensive haa??

but :
bila bkak beg duit ,duit berkepuk2
..bwk awek shopping beli baju kt MNG


nk tayang kt awek,duit menangis dlm hati sbb duit berkepuk dlm begduit tu sbnrnye tu laa duit mkn dye utk bln tu..

Situasi 2:
nk isi minyak :
hish bodoh pnye k'jaan, asyik naikkn hrge minyak je..

but :
pkai kete BMW 5series..dok umah banglo 3 tingkat..kje CEO kt syarikat besar..

xbesyukur..komplen je lebih..hrge minyak kt msia dh kire murah klau nk dibandingkan dgn negara lain..duit byk2 gi clubbing..mnum chivas 2btol hari2..

are u one of them?

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul