Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2 days 1 night 1박 2일 Jjang!!

I watched 2 days 1 night at KBS World.. Hosted by ever so popular host, Kang Hodong, my bunny Lee Seung Gi, my cute ajusshi Lee Su-geun, my candy Eun Ji-Won, and smiley Kim Jong Min.. I looooovvvveeeeee the show... i super loooooovvveeee the hosts... And I super duper looooovvvveee Seunggi and Jiwon.. The show is mainly about 5 of them travelling the whole Korea.. Obviously to promote Korea.. Which is a brilliant idea i would say.. This is a fun entertainment/documentary i might say.. I laughed hard everytime i watch the show.. I can watch the same episode over and over again.. I've watched the same kind of documentary that promote Malaysia.. It was BORING~~ But this is different.. They always have mission everytime they are assign to go certain places.. They play games before they can eat.. And  play games to decide whether they can sleep inside or outside.. It's fun.. They are funny... But i realllllllllyyyyyyyy miss MC Mong.. It is super fun when MC Mong were one of them :'( ... But sadly MC Mong got some issues regarding his military service.. Im not sure what issues that is because i don't wanna know.. It makes me sad so i decided not to read about the issues..   Why am i sad? Because the 6 of them were soooooo close.. It was so sad to see Mong out of the group .. Almost as sad as when Kim C announced that he will no longer be a part of 2 days 1 night on his last episode with them.. They all cried.. I almosttttt cried.. Not because i like Kim C.. Because they are soooo close.. They are like brothers.. Hurm~~ I really hope whatever MC Mong is dealing with right now, will be settle as soon as possible.. I really want to see him in 2 days 1 night again.. 

P/S : image above the old pic..from above left is Seunggi, Kim C, Hodong, Jiwon..Lower left : MC Mong and Su-geun..(at this time Kim C replace Jongmin because Jongmin was doing his 2 years military service)

People out there do tune on KBS World channel 391 at ASTRO

2 days 1 night - Friday 11.23pm at KBS World
1박 2일 Jjang!!


Lots of love,
Nana Azhar

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What's wrong with loving kpop?

Kpop wave has grown BIG since DBSK/TVXQ.. It doesn't start with H.O.T or S.E.S.. It starts with DBSK then followed by Super Junior, SNSD, 2PM,MBLAQ,SHINee etc.. It doesn't stop there.. The wave has become a tsunami.. And im very proud of it because Asian entertainment industries is well known worldwide because of kpop.. Yes!!worldwide..
Anti-kpop out there might be laughing.. But u might not know that a lot of k-pop idol has work with hollywood star.. For example 2NE1 has work with Black Eyed Peas.. Jay Park has worked with B.O.B.. Super Junior worked with Justin Timberlake's choreographer.. And a lot more.. So i am very proud of them..
What's to love about kpop?
Well for those who keep saying "eee kpop?poyo nye" "kpop?hish ntah pape ntah" "Kpop nie gay!!" actually they r pathetic... Mostly Malaysian yg berfikiran sempit je ckp mcm nie.. Npe kpop poyo pulak? Npe kpop
gay plak? Tell me.. Tu Ricky Martin gay, xde spe kisah pn.. Adam Lambert gay, xde spe heran pn.. Rmai lg artis hollywood yg gay.. sume ok je.. Kpop nie xde yg gay pn.. Npe nk ckp diorg gay? Sebab mke diorg jambu? Diorg mntk ke muke diorg jd cmtu? Or mungkin sbb bju diorg mse on stage.. FYI diorg punya coordi-noona yg pilih kn bju diorg.. Igt diorg kuar jln2 pki bju pelik2 tu ke? Please laa .. Jgn biar otak tu sempit sgt.. To malaysian yg anti kpop, klau bkn asian yg nk support asian entertainment industries, spe lg yg nk support.. jgn nk ngutuk sgt... Yes i admit mmg ramai yg fanatik sgt dgn kpop idol diorg.. Ade yg buat wallpaper lappy diorg.. Buat screensaver handphone diorg.. Tp ape plak hak korang nk nyampah? Korang ke yg beli lappy n handphone diorg?
Diorg dgr lagu korea hari2 dlm mp3 diorg.. Korang peduli ape? Diorg buat lagu korea jd ringtone n caller ringtone.. Korang kesah pe? Korang xske lantak korang r.. Xkacau korang pn.. Korang plak over2 nk bnci diorg npe plak? Korang yg poyo sbnrnye.. What ?? Dgr lagu Maher Zain lg bgus atleast dia Islam bkn kapiaq?? Nie lg 1 kebodohan hakiki.. Apsal yg korang nie racist sgt? Music is universal.. Jgn nk kaitkn agama plak.. Maher Zain knon.. Tu pakat heboh2 dgr lgu Bruno Mars(im a fan of him though:D) laa.. Katy Perry laa.. Tak Pernah dgr plak Bruno Mars msuk
Islam kn.. Islam xmengajar kte utk membenci sesama manusia walaupun berlainan agama.. Klau minat Maher Zain, dgr laa lgu dye.. Bak kata Anuar Hadi*from his youtube channel inianuarhadi* lain org lain citarasa nya.. Kalau org tu nk minat kpop,ske hati diorg laa.. Kalau ade yg nk minat hollywood ke bollywood ke ske hati diorg la... Ape hak korang nk ngutuk citarasa diorg.. Eventhough diorg fanatik sgt smpai ckp idol diorg tu boyfie diorg, korang over nk bnci npe? Ppl are allowed to fantasize or imagine things.. Its just in their head..Oh yeaa yg ckp " dgn gedikye sembang , tu bf dia laa apa laa..Aku rasa artis kpop tu pun
xnk tgk mke diorg.." Hohohohooooo....FYI diorg lg ske tgk fans diorg.. Sebab fans diorg yg buat diorg happy.. Hadiah2 yg diorg dpt dr fans diorg sume diorg pkai.. Example mcm Kim Heechul(suju) dye still pkai bju tido yg fans dye bg.. And dye pkai cover iphone yg fans dye bg.. Diorg interact dgn fans diorg through their mini homepage.. They really appreciate their fans.. So BACK OFF SUCKER!! Mengutuk dgn kenyataan yg salah adlh sesuatu yg memalukan ok... Malu skit ok.. Insaf2 laa...
mne gay nye?xnmpk pn..

Lots of Love,
Nana Azhar

Sunday, March 20, 2011

U-Kiss - ManManHani :D

Top left : Alexander, Ki Seop, Kevin,
Bottom left : Dong Ho, Eli, Kibum, So Hyun

I know UKISS because of Kibum*because he is Hyungjoon's (SS501) lil bro*..But i started to listen to their song because of Dong HO*Dong ho participated in program show called "Maknae Rebellion"also known as"MakBanShi..in ep4 with SHINee ,Key was copying UKISS shoulder dance in Man Man Ha Ni mv* and then i started to love Dong Ho.. but way before i love Dong Ho, i love Alex first and added him on Twitter:)
While watching Maknae Rebellion last night on Youtube, i was starting to love their song Man Man Ha Ni.. So i downloaded it and put it in my MP3.. Im loving the shoulder dance man!! Seriously.. It looks cool.. So I keep listening to their song along with MBLAQ's song.. Its addictive.. I keep doing the shoulder dance.. Scary man!! I can't help it..
Anyway to those who love either Ukiss, 2AM, FT Island, T-Max*first 3 or 4 episode only(maybe)*or MBLAQ* around episode 12 i think* , go to Youtube and search for "Maknae Rebellion" u can watch all of their maknae their..

Ukiss Maknae : Dong Ho
2AM Maknae : Jinwoon
FT Island Maknae : Seung Hyun
MBLAQ Maknae : Mir
Mighty Mouth Maknae : Shorry J
T-Max Maknae : Yun Hwa*now former already:(*

So,shuhh shuhhh... Go watch ppl.. Worth watching.. I promise:)

P/S : T-Max was the one who sing "Almost Paradise" in Boys Over Flower..One of the group member, Kim Joon were cast as Song Woo Bin..(im just telling in case u guys don't know)

Lots of love,
Nana Azhar

Friday, March 18, 2011

His Name Is Gin

This is my baby .. My very own DSLR Nikon D3100..
His name 'Gin' .. Why named it as Gin? It is simply because i love Bleach anime so much.. Since Gin is my fav character and i really love him so much*and his already dead* so i named it as 'Gin' and i'll love this Nikon as much as i love the real Gin:)..
I bought Gin with my own money.. So i really2 proud of it.. So i would like to showing it off*if u don't care,i don't give a shit either..since this is my blog i'll post whatever i want* ahahahaha!!
I take a look at the manual.. It's one hell of a manual man!!It's thick!!
I really need to study it.. By the way im so glad i can bring my Gin for his first vacation with me to Langkawi this Sunday:)

Welcome To The Family Gin:)

16th March 2011
I'll mark my calendar
We'll celebrate ur bday every year:D

p/s : i sounded like a psycho..pardon me:-s

Lots of love,
Nana Azhar

Thursday, March 17, 2011

MBLAQ Cry ^__^

--Seung Ho ------- G.O -------- Lee Joon ----- Thunder ------- Mir --

Awwwww~~~ Aren't they awesome?? They are.. This is the song that makes me fall in love with them.. My bias is G.O and Mir.. MBLAQ works under Bi(Rain).. That's explain the body wave in every mv.. ahahahha!! Well they debut in 2009.. But i just started to love them around this month because of their song called CRY*the pic above is the CRY's promo picture:)* I can't post the video.. Don't blame me... Blame the internet.. Call me pervert but they r super sexaayyyyy!!!!I can't help it.. I really can't..I listen to their song all day since the first day i downloaded their song last 2 weeks.. I listen to CRY only.. 1 song n repeat it over and over again.. Now the song become my ringtone.. its going to be my caller ringtone soon.. Yay!!! I gonna think how to get rid of this obsession.. It is killing me!! So stay tune:D

P/S : go support MBLAQ ppl!! To those who haven't listen to their song yet, go ahead and listen to CRY.. You'll love it for sure:D

MBLAQ lover,
Nana G.O:)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

BEASTLY Pettyfer:)

Beastly?? hurm how should i put this? I FRIGGIN' LOVE IT!!!
Love Is Never Ugly.. It sounded like hopeless romantic.. I love this movie that doesn't mean I am hopeless romantic.. The movie is sweet.. Especially when Alex Pettyfer is the Beast.. In real life if Alex Pettyfer is my beast, i would say 'I Love You' right away...:D

This movie is from kids fairy tale 'Beauty and The Beast'..Nice story..Nice plot..Good choice of cast..Excellent choice of song too..I love Vanessa Hudgens ..I love Alex Pettyfer*
i love him since Wild Child FYI not because of this movie or Iam Number Four* .. I enjoy every minute of this movie..Its a very sweet movie for those lovebirds out there..So to those who haven't watch it yet,why wait?Go watch it..You'll love it for sure:D

P/S : i listen to Pixie Lott - Broken Arrow every single day:)

Lots of love,
Nana Azhar:)