Sunday, March 20, 2011

U-Kiss - ManManHani :D

Top left : Alexander, Ki Seop, Kevin,
Bottom left : Dong Ho, Eli, Kibum, So Hyun

I know UKISS because of Kibum*because he is Hyungjoon's (SS501) lil bro*..But i started to listen to their song because of Dong HO*Dong ho participated in program show called "Maknae Rebellion"also known as" ep4 with SHINee ,Key was copying UKISS shoulder dance in Man Man Ha Ni mv* and then i started to love Dong Ho.. but way before i love Dong Ho, i love Alex first and added him on Twitter:)
While watching Maknae Rebellion last night on Youtube, i was starting to love their song Man Man Ha Ni.. So i downloaded it and put it in my MP3.. Im loving the shoulder dance man!! Seriously.. It looks cool.. So I keep listening to their song along with MBLAQ's song.. Its addictive.. I keep doing the shoulder dance.. Scary man!! I can't help it..
Anyway to those who love either Ukiss, 2AM, FT Island, T-Max*first 3 or 4 episode only(maybe)*or MBLAQ* around episode 12 i think* , go to Youtube and search for "Maknae Rebellion" u can watch all of their maknae their..

Ukiss Maknae : Dong Ho
2AM Maknae : Jinwoon
FT Island Maknae : Seung Hyun
MBLAQ Maknae : Mir
Mighty Mouth Maknae : Shorry J
T-Max Maknae : Yun Hwa*now former already:(*

So,shuhh shuhhh... Go watch ppl.. Worth watching.. I promise:)

P/S : T-Max was the one who sing "Almost Paradise" in Boys Over Flower..One of the group member, Kim Joon were cast as Song Woo Bin..(im just telling in case u guys don't know)

Lots of love,
Nana Azhar

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