Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sungai where we can play Congkak part 1

well im not actually playing congkak at the sungai..
just explaining that my family and i went to Sungai Congkak yesterday ( 15 Feb 2010)
it was a hell of a trip..
lame gler dok lam kete..
my bontot have been screaming ...
sometimes i wish that i can cut half of my bontot and give to someone who need extra bontot so that i can seat comfortably..
11.30 a.m
brtolak dr rumah
haven't eat anything yet..
12.30 p.m
waiting for akak at tepi jln..
still haven't eaten anything yet..
12.45 p.m
akak n abg adi arrived and we brtolak together from tepi jln to Sg. Congkak
my stomach was empty..
jammed..still in the car..
my stomach still empty..
still in the car..
my stomach..still empty..
my bontot start complaining..my stomach start singing..but we still in the car..
we stopped at petronas..petronas also jammed..
still in the car..abg adi said from petronas to Sg.Congkak is 10mins drive..but because of the jammed, it took us about 45mins to reach there..and my stomach start singing rock songs..
finally we reached at simpang Sg Congkak..and again..jammed..
jln kecik gler..
kete byk gler..
it took us one solid hour to search for a parking..
my intestine start dancing..
found the parking...finally...
my stomach,intestine and my bontot cheer happily..
setting khemah, tmpt bbq..and start bkar all those delicious food..
i took jamiel mndi ..
air dye sjuk gler..
sjuk smpai migrain..
jamiel pn tkut nk mndi..
even myself pn tkut nk mndi..
omg..its heaven!!
smbung mndi..
sejuk gler weyh...
jamiel no longer scared..
kak lia put big leaves on my head ala2 Dyesebel gitu.. ( drama filipina..)
semua mndi except papa ngan abg..
abg adi amik gamba mcm paparazi..
abes mndi..
can't take it anymore..
giler sjuk..
packing sume brg..
tkr bju..khemah dh laa kecik..ak dh laa besa..
ahahahaha..ssh gler..
but wat to do..
khemah akak n abg adi is the only fitting room we got..
blik...pnat already..
sleepy..bdn sakit sbb sjuk sgt air td..
once again..jln jammed..
keta full..sempit weyh..
still in the car..bontot sket lg..
tdo..thought if i tdo, xte rase sgt sket bontot n lenguh pinggang..
but cannot sleep well sbb trlalu sempit..sheesh..
still in the car..
still in the car..
still far away from home..
we r not there yet..
almost there..
finally we were home..
deadly tired..
i want to download all the pics from akak..
she email it to me..
so wait for part 2 for the pics k..
lots of love,

Monday, February 8, 2010

We Got Married:)

recently i've been watching We Got Married..
its a show where they pair up Korean celebs and see what it is like if they were married...
this is is super duper funny..
u'll laugh until u blow up ur intestine..
u'll nvr get bored even when u watch it again n again..
i promise..

since i love SS501 so much, i only watch episode 9 - 32..
because theres Hyun Joong..
he was paired with Hwang Bo (which is 6 years older than him)
Hyun Joong always said funny things with a straight face..
super funny...i cant stop laughing..

Hyun Joong <3>

Lettuce Couple

lots of love,

Saturday, February 6, 2010

im truly sorry:(

dear blog,

i am truly deeply sorry my dear blog..
i've abandoned u for a long time..
i am too busy with youtube and stalking others facebook..
pls dont be mad...
i know its my fault..
im so sorry..
you know i love u rite , .::meanie::.
jgn mrh ea..

lots of love,