Friday, January 28, 2011

(REVIEW) Green Hornet:D

watch it just now in 3D:) thumbs up!!the car is freakin' awesome!!seth is stupidly great!!jay chou is geniusly awesome!! cameron diaz is smokin' hot as always!!but the 3D effect is a bit...ermmm..but overall ,it was great...worth every penny:D i can't say it for ur self..


lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

Friday, January 21, 2011

Khurafat..Khurafat kah anda?(review movie)

Semlm tgk cter KHURAFAT dkt GSC bersama my second husband, Faa..:D xplan pn nk pegi tgk wayang...igt nk jln2 je..alang2 tu tgk je laa wayang...alang2 husband sy nk blanje..ahahahaha...ok here's my review..

KHURAFAT - movie nie agak ok sgt tu xla for me yg kebal cter hntu nie(
cewahhh kebal ke),rse suspen laa skit..bkn tkot..trkejot!!dh laa scene kt bilik mayat,asyik blackout plak tu..kerap plak hospital tu blackout kn..well bole msuk akal jgk laa sbb hospital tu pn nmpk mcm oldskool je..ehehe..1st mmg igt makcik janitor yg bg kuih kt syamsul tu yg bomoh dye sbb igt makcik tu mak anna tu(apsal ak boley pikir mcm tu?)then bler dh tau makcik tu baik,ak dh dpt target spe yg bomohkan si syamsul nie...nk taw cmne ak bole target?sbb dye beriya pertahankn si anna yg anna ni dr situ ak dh taw dh...anyway overall,cter nie xde laa bosan sgt pn..xde laa mcm cter suster ngensot or cter2 hntu indonesia...disini ak iktirafkan cite hntu melayu lg seram dr cter hntu indonesia...YAY!!pegi laa tgk!!:)
overall : 7/10

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

Wednesday, January 19, 2011



they have confirm the date and the venue

date : 19th March 2011
venue : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
price : ticketing info will be release next week

Kamsahamnida Running Into The Sun(RITS)

Get ready ur money and ur project ,ELF..coz they r really coming !!!

Lets Throw A Big SAPPHIRE BLUE Wave

!!See u at Stadium Bukit Jalil ELF Chingu!!

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul
The Heechul's Petals

Monday, January 17, 2011

UPDATE : Super Show 3 in Malaysia

Singapore Event Organizer for SS3

GOOD NEWS ELF AROUND MALAYSIA!!!as most of u know,Redstar Present won't be the organizer for Super Show 3 anymore..most probably because they organized the JYJ concert..*rumors said*SME won't cooperate with Redstar since Jaejoong,Yoochun,and Xiah*former TVXQ/DBSK*got some issues with SME *the lawsuit remember?*..not professional ryte guys?so after 2 month of waiting and wondering whether SS3 is still on or not, finally yesterday i saw a light after 2 month in the dark..i was jumping all over my house!!i was google-ing like hell if there's any news bout SS3 but then suddenly i saw the news saying that Running Into The Sun, the Singapore Event Organizer that organize SS3 at Singapore is going to organize SS3 in Malaysia!!!YAYYYY!!!!excited like hell!!its going to be on NOT SURE bout this ok..but i heard that the pre-sale is going to be on February and the concert on March 19th *supposed to be on 26th but not sure* at Stadium Bukit get ur money ready dear ELF!!because our oppa is coming to see us and we r going to see them..lets plan a project to show our love to them..*since we r not going to see leeteuk and heechul for the next 2years as they r going to army* im going for rockpitt!!yay!!i've been working my ass off just to buy the rockpitt tix..rockpitt is RM600 i think..not sure..but around dat and my GFF going to make a t-shirt with our bias's face in front of the tee..mine one is going to be Heechul uri heenim:)..ARGHHH!!!super duper excited!! Let me repeat my self guys..this is NOT the official info..we have to wait for the official announcement to be made..while waiting,lets throw BIG WAVE OF SAPPHIRE BLUE into the air !!!show some love!!:D

p/s : i heard RITS got some issue with the venue because its clash with ASTRO's event..but RITS already pay half of the rental fee,how can it be?lets just have faith ok guys..:-s

~uri-neun Super Junior ELF~

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

Sunday, January 16, 2011

random saturday

its Saturday!!yay!!wats to yay about?nothing much just yay-ing to my self because i was able to enjoy my peaceful Saturday at my peaceful home here at Armanee..Armanee as peaceful as it sounds..i really appreciate my home not quite sure why..hurmmm.. anyway i woke this morning *okay..okay..evening* and i saw nasi goreng and sambal sardin my mom made before she off to work..good god i was excited to eat the nasi goreng my mom made..i know its just a normal nasi goreng..even i can made it myself..but it been a long time since the last time my mom cook for me..i miss her cooking..well i understand her..she's been working around the clock..and im not always my mom and i has decided that Monday is going to be Mommy and her Baby Daughter's Day *baby!!??*i'll be fully free on Monday and so is she.. no work what-so-ever unless if we really need to..excited~~~after finish my nasi goreng,i went upstairs and start fb-ing..but then i really craving for chocolates..then i went kedai macha kt bwh tu and a couple of chocs and honey coated peanuts..yummy!!then i rush back upstairs and start fb-ing again..around 8pm, k.lia ajak me to kopitiam kt bwh to for dinner..then suddenly she asked me bout someone..good lord!!then we planned something..what is it?its a top secret..its hard for me to do so but its for my own sake so i have to do it anyway anyhow..after that we went upstairs..k.lia was fb-ing and im watching TV..Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, 901210, The Kardashian and Lipstic Jungle..well thats all..because after i watched The Kardasian, i went upstairs,put my MP3 on and here i am writing a i guess dats all..adios amigos:D

p/s : Paris Hilton My New BFF show really for bimbos..suck big time!!

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Park Jaebum saya:)

my jay park<3

awwww~~~i miss him A LOT!!!i miss him since he left 2PM because some MySpace issue that Korean punished until he left 2PM..but now Korean begging for him to be back!!??senang2 je?well thanks a lot JayPark haters..he's hurt..2PM was hurt too..Wooyoung cried and almost fainted at the airport when they are sending JayPark back to his home *at Seattle , USA*..Taecyeon was sad and really shows when he was singing Niga Mipda *it was at jaypark last performance with 2PM*he was 2PM's leader for god thanks of the all of u 2PM don't have leader untill now *seems dat they don't choose a new leader because they know dat no one can replace JayPark and know that The HOTTEST would be furious*,i watch 2PM Idol Army , 2PM Wild Bunny and their MV over and over again...sad*tears*2PM without JayPark is like burger without bun..chicken rice without the without without actor..get it?i miss him in reality show and talk show..i miss his silliness..i miss his jokes..but now he his own his own..successful as singer and dancer with his crew happy for u oppa!!i really do..*hey jaypark haters,in ur face!!* i just wish u can re-unite with 2PM..i know im just dreaming..but i really hope that my dream come true..thanks AOM for making my JayPark happy:') appreciate it a lot:')..i, as a hardcore Jaywalkers wish u a happy life..u deserve to be smile a lot:')..laugh a ur life to the fullest oppa..and thanks for coming to Malaysia on my birthday ,3rd Dec luck that u choose dat date oppa:D but too bad dat i can't come to ur event because the tix was expensive and i dun have rm600 to buy one..if only u come on January,i would've buy it..nvrmind..come again ok oppa:') I LOVE U PARK JAEBUM!!! and i love AOM too for making him happy:')
once upon a time when he was the 'ledja':')

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kak Limah jgn blik rumah saya..

inilah dier my movie of the year..Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah..kak limah tolong jgn balik umah sy and nyanyi lagu injit injit semut ok..sequel dari Zombie Kampung Pisang arahan Mamat Khalid..honestly movie nie lg best dr Zombie Kampung Pisang..i dont know why..maybe Mamat Khalid bertmbah kreatif after that awful Man Laksa movie..anyway movie nie dh sebulan lebih kt cinema..kutipan dye RM8mil and still counting..filem ni hasil dari lakonan my all time favourite Mr Awie the awesome, Johan raja lawak, Ummi Nazeera , Pekin, Shoffi Jekin, and Delimawati..i watched dis 6 times already..but never get tired of it..i laughed hard everytime..seems dat other ppl also love this movie..dh sebulan tp still rmai lg yg nk tgk citer nie..and tiket still sold out..since i am one of TGV cinema's staff, ppl keep demanding for more time slot for dis movie..suke bebenor diorg tgk movie nie..byk watak yg menjadi dlm cite nie..contohnye watak mamat penari kebudayaan nie..xabis2 dgn tgn dye, english education-nye,nk bakor umah kak limah laa..nie watak fav most of the viewers.. watak dye lbh menonjol berbanding Zombie Kampung Pisang dulu..byk line dialog dye yg melekat kt otak2 viewers..selain tu..lagu injit2 semut pn semakin famous sbb hantu kak limah suke benor nyanyi lagu nie..skrg klau nyanyi lagu injit injit semut,terigt cite nie..dgn watak bomoh indonesia dgn ayat dye "ak org indonesia klau enggak penuh ilmu di dada,enggak smpai ke puncak everest" .. bomoh kelantan dgn jampi"plawok" nye tu..dgn watak husin yg xhabis2 brag psl g singapore n wheelchar n zomba nye, supervisa nye busit(bullshit)nye.. mmg best cite nie..pegi tgk!!worth every pennie..serious best..korang akan gelak smpai hentak2 kaki tahan sakit perut..^__^
filem nie bkn cite lawak ade jgk diselitkan pengajaran oleh Mamat Khalid melalui sindiran tentang masyarakat zaman sekrg..klau korang tgk sekali,mesti korang nk tgk lg..mse me and faa tgk cter nie,sume org gelak2 smbil hentak2 kaki..biler kluar cinema diorg still gelak not fan of malay movie nie btol2 layan..macam nk layan utk kali ke-7
je..spe yg xtgk cter
nie teramat la rugi.. oppss kt TGV sunway dh xditayangkan tgk tmpt lain..yg penting tgk..

my rating : 10/10

Lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TGV Cinema Sunway Rocking n' Rolling Dinner/Supper

Fabulous TGV Cinema Sunway Crew

What? : TGV Sunway Dinner
Where? : William's Kelana Jaya
Who? : TGV Super Rockin' Crew
Why? : 91% for Mystery Shopper

Happening gler!!!!!!!best!!best!!best!!The food..the place..the ppl..the games..all perfect..nothing to complaint..Super Fun!!my fav is Nasi Goreng
Ketam!!sedappppppp nyeeee~~~then i ordered Pomegranate Peach for drink
..masammm~~~thank god i have watermelon juice..gelas dier MASYAALLAH besarnye!!!sukee!!then we were divided into 4 teams and played 3 games that is
Guess The Movie , Spot My Friend and the last game i dunno wats the name but it was something like the game i use to play when i was in primary sch 'Radio Buruk' u seat in a line then the 1st person has to read the sentence given then whisper it
to the next person and so on..and the last person have to say it out team
got it right..ahahaha...because the sentence was hard!!as usual bile smpai kt org
last ayat tu akan jd totally different drpd ayat yg sebenarnye..but my team was worst at this game..ahaha..but we r the best at Spot My was funn
y that my team(Team 1) was so fast but Team 3(team ameer)was!!fun!!haih...i really lose my mind and my breath by
laughing so hard..there's a lot to laugh about yesterday..i can't describe it by words how fun it was yesterday..anyway let me introduce u to MR WILLIAM..

left : sir eddie berkilau
middle : uncle Will.I.Am
right : sir yap yg klaka

from left : kak aida , me , sir eddie berkilau , nani , faa

no one know npe kami gelak sakan..ahahaha~~

from left: kiddy , kak ila , ben , fauzi , qayyum , mamat

from left : kak ayu , echa ,kak ayu , rara

fadh and kak ofa

our projectionist

lipas and tio


along and kak ofa

from left : anesh , sapna , logesh, tabitha

kak farah and sapna

sir eddie berkilau and kak ofa

faa , ameer , me

the awesome spaghetti

the superb Nasi Goreng Ketam(arghhh lparnyee~~)

from left : kak ila , kak tikah@kak limah , echa , kiddy

from left : faa , sir eddie berkilau , me

from left : alia , ying , tio
from left : me , sir eddie berkilau , kak aida , chu
from left : kak ofa and lipas

diana and ben

Credit to Sir Eddie for the awesome pictures:D
sir eddie

there's a lot more pictures from other cameras..for more pictures,see in our facebook photos:)

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The 2nd day of 2011 the day we "make love":D

AHAHAHAHA!!!what a awesome new year..1st Jan 2011 i lost my wallet with my gaji in there..2nd Jan 2011 i 'kiss' the cinema hall's door at TGV..i have a combo of bad luck on the very 1st day of 2011..chill..chill~~no need to be in sloppy mood..i still have 394 days to worries:D the picture on the right is the picture of me after 'make love' to the glases head was a bit 'ting tong' at that face was totally numb..i can't feel my face.. ahahaha!!actually at that time im more worried about my glases since i 'sedekahkan' my wallet away..i kept thinking where to get money to make a new glases..but i never thought that my face was bleeding a colleagues kept asking me to not open my eyes..i asked them "nape??nape??byk ke darah?" but the funny thing is they kept IGNORING my question eventho' i kept asking the same question.. but they was like "nana jgn bkak mata!" "nana ok ke?""nana ok x?"..i said "nana ok..nana ok..chill..chill..byk ke darah?"..but ignore my question again..and kept asking "nana ok x?"..they were panic until they ignored my question..and i was wondering,did they hear me sbb i dh tnye kuat2 or its just voice in my not so sure..since they kept ignoring me i try to open my eyes..then i saw blood on the floor..then i close my eyes right away..then i realize no wonder they are panic..they thought glass tu masuk mata..then i said to them " xmsuk mata..chill je..nana ok laa"..but they ignored me AGAIN..and i was was funny that they were panic i and i was chill like nothing happen..ahahaha!!then kak ofa take me to the office..she snap a picture and said "esk kne cite kt eddie nie..klau cite xde gamba xbest laa" :D ..then sir ammar and tio brought me to the clinic..and i got an injection *bengkak plak tgn knan sbb injection..bad luck berganda =,='* i got MC for 2 xcuti pn..bcoz i love my work..dok rumah bkn ade ape nk buat pn..lg pn yg sakitnye kt bwh mata..bkn sakit xde mslh klau nk pegi here i am..working as usual without my glases:) THANK YOU for those who helped me that night Lipas,Tio,Kak Ofa and Sir Ammar:D

p/s : sejak dr mlm tu,bahiya cleaner slalu ckp "sister u jln elok2 ye" dgn mke serius..ahahaha...ok bahiya sy jln elok2:D

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul