Tuesday, June 30, 2009

will this burden go away??

Will this burden go away after this 3/7/09???3rd july is my first presentation since I've been a UNITARian..This is the part i hate the most..Although my body reluctant to do it but my mind n soul force me to do it..Bcoz I am a student..Not a friggin' chicken..So I have to fire up my spirit..I can hear my mind shouted at me "go and just friggin' do it woman!!why in the world it is so hard for u?"So now I'm refilling my rietsu(bleach word ahahahha:D)and just gonna friggin' do it..Its only 10 mins only..I am a tough girl..Ive been through a lot before this..Non of those nonsense have brought tears run down my face yet..Although I got weak feeling bout dis,but hell yeah..I'm friggin do it..I don't give a shit anymore..And when I've finished my studies,I'll show my sis n bro that I'm not spoil as they claimed..I'll pay my mom for every single thing she had done for me..And I'll never let my mom complain bout anything..This is a promise from a daughter to her mom..As for my teammates, have faith in me..Loose the pressure on me..I know what i'm doing..Although it is not as perfect as what I've imagined but better then nothing..Just have faith in me..


Friday, June 26, 2009


Kurosaki Ichigo

The main character of the manga. He goes one day from being a normal every day kid who can see ghosts, to attacked by a hollow. During this battle, when he is about to parish, a new shinsingami he has just recently met descideds to transfer half of her energy into him. Unfortunately, due to his spiritual awareness already, the moment her sword touches his soul, he takes virtually all of her power, transforming him into a shinigami. After this, he is given the role of a shinigami to protect those who are being attacked by hollows, which usually means protecting/fighting against people he already knows. Over a short period of time, Ichigo has shown that he has been able to do many things that no human should be able to do, such as fight at the level he does, as well as be able to see spiritual aura in a physical form (which allows him to locate people by sensing there aura, even if it is very weak). He is slowly begining to learn how to use and regulate his spiritual power.

Ichigo's shikai : Zangetsu (its a elegant n cleverer katana(his sword).it is long and tall..the cloth wraping seems to react to ichigo's will..shikai zangetsu power is simple but deadlyit can translate ichigo's pressure into tangible pressure.the resulting cresent moon of light is called Getsuga Tenshuo it can slice anything but ichigo is still learning to master it..

Ichigo's bankai : Tensa Zangetsu (comparatively small..smaller than in shikai form.it boost up speed for ichigo that enough for him to produce Getsuga Tenshou from 2 opposite side simultaneously

Kuchiki Rukia

She is the first real Shinigami that Ichigo ever encountered, and to save both Ichigo and herself she transfered her Shinigami powers to him. She currently is still working for soul society, but as Ichigo's Shinigami teacher. She hides herself in her human form from Hollows until her strength returns - all the while coaching Ichigo and helping him with his Soul Society missions. She aslo puts up a wonderful facade around her class mates, and is still trying to adapt and understand many things about the human world.

Kuchiki Byakuya

He is the captain of the 6th squad and is also Rukia's older brother. He comes from a very nobel family and is very powerful. He travels from soul society to return Rukia (whom he is not on good terms with) and to kill Ichigo.

Byakuya's shikai : Senbonzakura (disintergrated in tiny razor-thin metal petals dat looks like a cherry petals)

Byakuya's bankai : Senbonzakura Kageyoshi ( a stately double row of a dozen swords that can dissolve into the wind making much bigger razor-petal for him to use.It also can transform into ghost-white blades n sling them around mentally)

Ishida Uuryu

He is the last surviving quincy, and has a deep seeded hatred for all Shinigami because his sensei died fighting hollows when the Shinigami were late to show up. He challenges Ichigo by putting out hollow bait and thus attracting alot of hollows, so much that they couldnt not handle them all. Ishida and Ichigo then team up to beat the hollows and save the city.

Inoe Orihime

One of Ichigo's classmates who has a very big crush on him, but is afraid to act on it. She lost her brother in a car accident many years ago, and he came back as a hollow to eat her soul. Just before he did it, he realized that this would not make her happy and that what he was doing was wrong and so he "cleansed himself" by making himself dissapear. After being in contact with Ichigo's shinigami form, her spiritual power was awakened.

Abara Renji

He is the vice-captain of the Shinigami Squad 6 - directly under Kuchiki Byakuya. He retunrs with Byakuya to help bring back rukia, whom he seems to personally have something against. He seems somewhat strong but acts very impulsively most of the time.

Renji's shikai : Zabimaru (looking like a saw blade,comprised in 7 rectangular plates,each plate is flat n tooth like spike and last plate is long enough to qualify as a fang.Zabimaru is not a sword its a whip.)

Renji's bankai : Hihiou Zabimaru (giant snake skeleton.held together with Renji's spiritual pressure.the head can search out and bite it's opponent on its own will.

Urahara Kisuke

This is the manager of the Uraha shop, who has an unshaven face and wears a beach hat most of the time. He cares a lot about the reputation of the shop and tries his best to provide his costomers with the products that they want. When he realizes the mistake he made in giving Rukia a mod soul, he descides he will fix the problem himself. He seems to have some abilities, but at this point he mostly remains a mystery

Urahara's shikai : Benihime (cane sword has a flaming skull sigil)

Sado Yasutora (Chad)

Chad is Ichigo's very large friend, who seems to be incredibly strong. He is able to even hold a steel beam on his back, as well as endure being hit by a car and many other accidents. He has a parakeet that has a goul's soul in it as well, and this parakeet brings about the death of every one of its owners. After coming in contact with Ichigo's shinigami form, his spiritual powers were awakened and he was able to defeat a hollow.

p/s : this is 18% information from wat i've gathered..enjoy reading..i gtg to read more..

p/s : i use colour red n black bcoz it is the colour of ichigo's zanpakutuo when he lauch it..

lots of love

nana @ Kurosaki Hazliana:p

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i love you..dont u get it??

yesterday we were arguing..
arguing about something..
something that i hate..
something that i've told him many times not to do it..
but he still doing it..
i asked him not to do it because i love him..can't he get it??
i love u!!!!!sy syg awk!!!!
you still don't get it don't you??
i know it is not a big deal for you..
but it is friggin' big
deal for me.
you've seen the consequences..
you r feelings get hurt after that am i right??
that's why i hate when u still doing it..
bcoz i don't want you to get hurt..
but you keep doing it..
i've asked you to promise me not to do it again..
but you won't..
does it worth it??
im not being emotional..but i really hate it..
i hate it bcoz i love you!!!
pls understand it..
for once pls listen to me..
then you can do whatever you want..
i won't stop you..
but about this thing pls listen to me..
don't do it..plzz..
im begging you..
i really can tolerate about anything else..anything else except this one...
plsss syg..
you can call me over reacting..but i still begging you not to do it again..
it is because
I love you !!!

lots of love

Saturday, June 20, 2009

hangout ngan ameer...

today i woke damn late...
around 5.37...wakakkakaka
msti korang igt ak gler..
but korang xtaw yg ak tdo kul 8 pg..
wat the hell am i doing mse tgh2 mlm???
FYI i btol2 addicted to YM(yahoo! messenger)
spe yg knl i je taw i cmne..

neways..after i bgn je i tros capai enset n col ameer..
"ameer ko ktne??jom tmn ak mkn..ak lapar..kul 6.30 k..bwk berok(broadband) ak taw.."
ameer jwb"ak kt bilik nie..ok2 jom.."
psto kul 6.30 kteorg kuar nk g bayu..
but shit!!ttup plak..
then i ajak ameer g jln2 cr kdai..
then kteorg jln2...
then i haus gler..
i order teh o' ais 1..psto nasi goreng ikan masin 1..
air smpai tros i tgok xigt dunia..
then i order lg...smbil i asingkn sayur dlm nasi goreng i to,abis lg air (i hate sayur)..
psto i order lg air...gler laa...ameer gelak..kntot tol..
tp mmg haus gler..
dh 3 gelas mnum..
smbil to i pkse ameer order mkn..
dier ckp dier knyang..tpu je..sbb dier tkot i blanje dier..
psto i ugut dier klu xorder i xnk lanje dier transformer..
wakakakkakaka..taw tkot..
then kteorg lpakkkkkkkk smpai kul 10.30..
wakakakka..mcm xde umah nk blik..
kteorg smbg psl mcm2 laa..
sbb i rse dier je yg knl i mcm mne..yg phm i mcm mne..
walaupn xsmpai sebln knl,tp kteorg slalu hangout sme2..
klu lpak ngan dye,asyik smbg je..non-stop..
ade je topic..tp kteorg smbg bkn psl yg bodo2..
kteorg slalu smbg psl kehidupan,prangai msing2,mslh kwn2,mslh love life,family..
kdang2 kteorg ske observe n komen psl perangai org..
bkn nk ngutuk..juz nk amik iktibar n utk motivate diri kteorg..
tp klu lpak ngan ameer mmg trlpe jap problem..
serious best kwn ngan ameer..
tp dye nk pndh rumah:(..
nnt spe nk tmn i g lpak2??
spe nk tmn i mkn??
spe nk tmn i merepek??
ameer ni kntot laa..

Anyway ameer...
slamat ak kwn ngan ko..
at least ade gak kwn yg ak leh share probs or anything..
tp ko kejam r nk pndh plak:(..
kntot tol..
nnt ak nk hangout ngan spe??
ko je sekepala ngan ak laa kntot..
ak xkira r ameer..walaupn ko pndh,nnt ak col ko jgk..suh ko tmn ak mkn..
psto ko kne tmn ak smpai dpn guard house umah ak..
ak xkire!!!!!!!!!!
spe suh nk pndh..
ameer kejam!!!!!!!!!!

p/s:Raja Muhd Hazmeer bin Raja Tharuddin anda mmg kejam..bwekk...kntot!!
:ko kan downloader ak..ssh r klu ko pndh..nk bluetooh secara instant pn ssh..
: klu ko xpndh ak bleh ajak ko lpak Bayu psto bluetooth..
: kntot r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(..smpai ati ko..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the burden...its all gone...

jiwa ku bergetar(vibrate)
sume sbb bear pnye psl..
i know yesterday was friggin' sucks..
but today is slowly getting better..
but what is getting worst is my bedtime..
asal ak nk tdo je owg col..
bru nk lelap owg len col...
bru nk snorr owg len plak col..
tp if my bear yg col, i dun mind..
sbb i syg him..
hopefully same in return laa..
yesterday was a bit hard for me n him..
but to day we successfully get thru with it..
im felt bad doing this to u syah but i deserve to be happy..
i deserve to be loved..
n buat bear kekasih gelap ku...u r now officially kekasih cerah ku..
n for syah iam really2 friggin' sorry..
rse bersalah sgt2..
mmg ssh bg nana nk tgung sume ni..
tp nana harap syah pham nana..
thanks for the t-shirt yg syah lanje nana..
but someday somehow i'll pay u back ok..
this is my promise to u ..
but i desprately hope dat my bear won't repeat wat syah do to me..
although i know syah blame me...u wrote ur status"dun trust gurl..love sux"
i know it is for me..but it's ok..
nice to have a memory with u..

as for my bear..thank u for giving some of your love right when i needed..
u came into my life just in time..
thank you for willing to wait for me
i really appreciate it..
eventhough mule2 i igt dier main2..
but pakcik(xaxau) told me dat he is serious...
then here iam..so in lovveee..
love struck with my bear..

for pakcik@xaxau..
thanks for helping me out babe..
walaupun u bully i n ugut i n wat so ever..
i know it is for bear n my own good..
if beyonce meet u before jay-z for sure dier ade love struck dgn u..
but not to worry zafikah is all yours babe..
and yes!!!the song is super duper cun...
i loveeeee it...
and hell yeah..cheese is the most delicious but evil food in the world..

P/S: i lovvveee u bear n xaxau....<3

lots of love,

my day cant get any shitter than this..

my life cant get ani shitter than dis..
friggin' shit man..
today is the friggin worst day in this friggin' week..
my love life have been a f*cking shit now days..
i dont think i should elaborate it..
it is painful enough to write it back..

pain in the ass,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

those ppl who brighten up my life recently..

Raja Muhd Hazmeer @ ameer @ twilight

~we call him twilight bcoz of his eyes,almost same as edward cullen..
~he hate ppl spell his name as ameer..but i dun give a damn..ngeee:p
~he is sooooooooo 'prasan'..
~he likes green..
~when we go 'mkn' he will order "nasi goreng 1,sambal belacan 2 and air kosong 1."
~he is in Foundation of Information Technology..
~i think i know him very well..
~my closest fren for now..
~he has all my fav song in his phone..(shit!!)
~he hate 2nd hand things..sound so 'belagak'but u have to listen to his reason 1st
~soft spoken..
~baik laa jgk..
~he call me weirdo...mengong..
~i think i can relate n comfortable telling him my prob..
~last but not least..he is KENTUT!!!!!!muahahahhaha....

Nur Farah Nadiah @ farah@klavina

~she laugh easily..
~love swimming pool..
~get in tense easily..
~have a gigantic crush for k_ _ _ _n..hahah
~also my closest fren for now..
~taking Diploma in Management(which is same as mine)
~she 'melekat' with me in class..
~if her crush come then bubbye nana..huh!!
~i think she likes blue..(not sure)..
~she always laugh at my joke although there's a time when im not making any..
~blurr when in Fundamental of Management..(sme laa kte kwn)
~living in Jelebu,Negeri Sembilan..schooling at DUMA only..
~really serious in anything related to assgnment..

Azrin Rouf @ Raop @ Cobra

~my first impression bout him :shy,soft spoken...but im friggin' wrong man..
~funny,not soft spoken at all,not shy at all..
~pornography(mcm o'oi) ...
~usually been said as gay bcoz of his act but trust me ppl he is staright..
~super fanatic bout twilight(definitely not ameer laa)
~super duper fanatic bout cars..
~he call me geek..dat is so irrelevant..if i were geek i would nt screwed my SPM..
~he looooove Cinta Laura,n any other hot chic..
~damn friggin' prasan..today he sed something dat i cant 4get"ak ni hensem sgt kn..pompuan lalu sume senyum kt ak"...i burst into a laugh..i wanted to vomit..
~he taught me to like Kuboran Band(FYI dis band only popular in Indonesia)
~he once use the song call Womanizer by Britney Spears as his ringtone..hak3..
~i love his bling2 watch...I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amir Muizz @ o'oi @ sailor

~he's a national sailor
~so into politics...
~if he talks,he talks full with emotions..bak kte owg,3D laa.with his hand move here and there..
~been gossip with raop by me ofcoz..ahahah..gay couple...ahaha..
~currently using the word 'fuck' as his fav word ever since he men'duda(broke up with his gf)
~really serious in his study..especially assignment..
~24/7 bz..almost like Donald Trump..

Thanks to all of u for cracking a smile on my face every day..
i 'll igt all of u smpai mati..


lots of love:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

my life..recently...

i loveeeeeeee my life....
i enjoy my life in UNITAR..
frens r great..
ostel r great..
the pool r great..
all here r great..
my assignment..
my management lect..(Che Rahim)
my home work..
my timeline..
my migrain
all of dis r sucks..

now im waiting for my 'gaji'..
3 days to go..
cant wait..
i wanna buy new cloth..
watch movies...transformers..wow!!!so excited...
then blaje ameer 4 doing my ptptn..
then byar broadband..
then buy uPax for me n aus..and post 1 of it to aus at klantan..
buy 1 'cikai ' fon..
then blanje my family..
give papa rm170..
go out with bubub..
i think that would be it..

p/s:i love Leo Messi..