Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i love you..dont u get it??

yesterday we were arguing..
arguing about something..
something that i hate..
something that i've told him many times not to do it..
but he still doing it..
i asked him not to do it because i love him..can't he get it??
i love u!!!!!sy syg awk!!!!
you still don't get it don't you??
i know it is not a big deal for you..
but it is friggin' big
deal for me.
you've seen the consequences..
you r feelings get hurt after that am i right??
that's why i hate when u still doing it..
bcoz i don't want you to get hurt..
but you keep doing it..
i've asked you to promise me not to do it again..
but you won't..
does it worth it??
im not being emotional..but i really hate it..
i hate it bcoz i love you!!!
pls understand it..
for once pls listen to me..
then you can do whatever you want..
i won't stop you..
but about this thing pls listen to me..
don't do it..plzz..
im begging you..
i really can tolerate about anything else..anything else except this one...
plsss syg..
you can call me over reacting..but i still begging you not to do it again..
it is because
I love you !!!

lots of love

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