Tuesday, June 16, 2009

those ppl who brighten up my life recently..

Raja Muhd Hazmeer @ ameer @ twilight

~we call him twilight bcoz of his eyes,almost same as edward cullen..
~he hate ppl spell his name as ameer..but i dun give a damn..ngeee:p
~he is sooooooooo 'prasan'..
~he likes green..
~when we go 'mkn' he will order "nasi goreng 1,sambal belacan 2 and air kosong 1."
~he is in Foundation of Information Technology..
~i think i know him very well..
~my closest fren for now..
~he has all my fav song in his phone..(shit!!)
~he hate 2nd hand things..sound so 'belagak'but u have to listen to his reason 1st
~soft spoken..
~baik laa jgk..
~he call me weirdo...mengong..
~i think i can relate n comfortable telling him my prob..
~last but not least..he is KENTUT!!!!!!muahahahhaha....

Nur Farah Nadiah @ farah@klavina

~she laugh easily..
~love swimming pool..
~get in tense easily..
~have a gigantic crush for k_ _ _ _n..hahah
~also my closest fren for now..
~taking Diploma in Management(which is same as mine)
~she 'melekat' with me in class..
~if her crush come then bubbye nana..huh!!
~i think she likes blue..(not sure)..
~she always laugh at my joke although there's a time when im not making any..
~blurr when in Fundamental of Management..(sme laa kte kwn)
~living in Jelebu,Negeri Sembilan..schooling at DUMA only..
~really serious in anything related to assgnment..

Azrin Rouf @ Raop @ Cobra

~my first impression bout him :shy,soft spoken...but im friggin' wrong man..
~funny,not soft spoken at all,not shy at all..
~pornography(mcm o'oi) ...
~usually been said as gay bcoz of his act but trust me ppl he is staright..
~super fanatic bout twilight(definitely not ameer laa)
~super duper fanatic bout cars..
~he call me geek..dat is so irrelevant..if i were geek i would nt screwed my SPM..
~he looooove Cinta Laura,n any other hot chic..
~damn friggin' prasan..today he sed something dat i cant 4get"ak ni hensem sgt kn..pompuan lalu sume senyum kt ak"...i burst into a laugh..i wanted to vomit..
~he taught me to like Kuboran Band(FYI dis band only popular in Indonesia)
~he once use the song call Womanizer by Britney Spears as his ringtone..hak3..
~i love his bling2 watch...I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amir Muizz @ o'oi @ sailor

~he's a national sailor
~so into politics...
~if he talks,he talks full with emotions..bak kte owg,3D laa.with his hand move here and there..
~been gossip with raop by me ofcoz..ahahah..gay couple...ahaha..
~currently using the word 'fuck' as his fav word ever since he men'duda(broke up with his gf)
~really serious in his study..especially assignment..
~24/7 bz..almost like Donald Trump..

Thanks to all of u for cracking a smile on my face every day..
i 'll igt all of u smpai mati..


lots of love:

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