Sunday, June 14, 2009

my life..recently...

i loveeeeeeee my life....
i enjoy my life in UNITAR..
frens r great..
ostel r great..
the pool r great..
all here r great..
my assignment..
my management lect..(Che Rahim)
my home work..
my timeline..
my migrain
all of dis r sucks..

now im waiting for my 'gaji'..
3 days to go..
cant wait..
i wanna buy new cloth..
watch!!!so excited...
then blaje ameer 4 doing my ptptn..
then byar broadband..
then buy uPax for me n aus..and post 1 of it to aus at klantan..
buy 1 'cikai ' fon..
then blanje my family..
give papa rm170..
go out with bubub..
i think that would be it..

p/s:i love Leo Messi..

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