Thursday, June 18, 2009

the burden...its all gone...

jiwa ku bergetar(vibrate)
sume sbb bear pnye psl..
i know yesterday was friggin' sucks..
but today is slowly getting better..
but what is getting worst is my bedtime..
asal ak nk tdo je owg col..
bru nk lelap owg len col...
bru nk snorr owg len plak col..
tp if my bear yg col, i dun mind..
sbb i syg him..
hopefully same in return laa..
yesterday was a bit hard for me n him..
but to day we successfully get thru with it..
im felt bad doing this to u syah but i deserve to be happy..
i deserve to be loved..
n buat bear kekasih gelap ku...u r now officially kekasih cerah ku..
n for syah iam really2 friggin' sorry..
rse bersalah sgt2..
mmg ssh bg nana nk tgung sume ni..
tp nana harap syah pham nana..
thanks for the t-shirt yg syah lanje nana..
but someday somehow i'll pay u back ok..
this is my promise to u ..
but i desprately hope dat my bear won't repeat wat syah do to me..
although i know syah blame me...u wrote ur status"dun trust sux"
i know it is for me..but it's ok..
nice to have a memory with u..

as for my bear..thank u for giving some of your love right when i needed..
u came into my life just in time..
thank you for willing to wait for me
i really appreciate it..
eventhough mule2 i igt dier main2..
but pakcik(xaxau) told me dat he is serious...
then here in lovveee..
love struck with my bear..

for pakcik@xaxau..
thanks for helping me out babe..
walaupun u bully i n ugut i n wat so ever..
i know it is for bear n my own good..
if beyonce meet u before jay-z for sure dier ade love struck dgn u..
but not to worry zafikah is all yours babe..
and yes!!!the song is super duper cun...
i loveeeee it...
and hell yeah..cheese is the most delicious but evil food in the world..

P/S: i lovvveee u bear n xaxau....<3

lots of love,

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