Thursday, December 17, 2009

the BLEACH talking..

this post is written straight from the bottom of my heart..
im going to talk about BLEACH..
this post was all about BLEACH..
so for those who cant even understand a thing bout this post, just ignore it k:)

1st of all..
i've been waiting for Yachiru's shikai n bankai..i only saw her reiatsu..and its a massive one..almost same as Kenpachi's..who would thought that a cute lovely girl have a super massive i expect that Yachiru own a fantastic Zanpaktou..but i still cant wait to see her true form..

2nd of all
its about Uruhara Kisuke..although he seem cool and calm..but he has a bad ass Zanpaktou..he shouldn't be looked down..i've seen his Benihime(his shikai form),its quite impressive..when he wanted to show his bankai?i just cant wait..

3rd of all..
Kurosaki Isshin(ichigo's dad) was a shinigami?that was surprising..i can't comment a lot..bcoz he only appeared as shinigami in 1 scene which he fought with Grand Fisher that murdered his wife..but Uruhara seems to know him for a long time..perhaps he also from Seiretei..who knows?but i have to admit that he got a kick ass skills..

4th of all
The Vizards..stronger than shinigami..i cant wait to see them fight along with shinigami to kill aizen,ichimaru,tousen and their arrancar..vizard are originally a high level shinigami(captain n vice captain) that was turn into a hollow by aizen..thanks to Uruhara they r now half hollow half shinigami....which is good..they r strong..but they r stronger with their hollow mask..but i still cant figure out how Ichigo have a mask same as vizard..when the incident happens,Ichigo wasn't born yet..

5th of all
Zaraki favs..he have super duper extreamly massive reiatsu..until he cannot even control it..until he have to wear an eye patch that was specially made to reduce his reiatsu..he is the one and only captain 13 Protection Squad that haven't earn the shikai and bankai yet..although without the shikai and bankai,but he is the strongest among the captain(nt included genryuusai)..if and only if he ever gets shikai or bankai,all of the shinigami,arrancar,vizard should beware..becoz if he does,then he is the last person on earth that u wanna fight with..uhh scary..the question is, when will he attain the shikai n bankai?

if i kept thinking of it and keep finding the answer for all those question,the more question keep popping up..
it makes my head spinning..


lots of love,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


What is on your bed right now?
4 pillows 1 bolster and a blanket

When was the last time you threw up?
last year

What's your favorite word or phrase?
"i have no time to DIG someone else's GOLD"
Name 3 people who made you smile today?
Jamiel , Jamiel and Jamiel

What were you doing at 8 am this morning?

What were you doing 30 minutes ago?

What is your favorite holiday?
as long as i have my whole family in it,i'll be happy enough

What is the last thing you said aloud?

What is the best cake flavor?
walnut brownies

What was the last thing you had to drink?
plain water..

What are you wearing right now?
shorts n tee

What was the last thing you ate?
roti arab:)

Have you bought any new clothing items this week?

When was the last time you ran?
ermm last year..ahahaha

What's the last sporting event you watched?
Liverpool - arsenal

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
beverly hills

Who is the last person you sent a comment/message on myspace?
aidil idham

Ever go camping?
nope..i hate it..

Do you have a tan?

Have you ever lost anything down a toilet?
yes..the price tag when i worked at Parkson as a promoter..

Do you use smiley faces on the computer alot?
a LOT..

Do you drink your soda from a straw?
What did your last text message say?
dh jmpe dh..

Are you someone's best friend?
yezza..najiha and ety..

What are you doing tomorrow?
Where is your mom right now?
her room..sleeping

lots of love,

Saturday, December 12, 2009


once again i had dream that has _ _ _ _ _ inside it..
ppl sed "mimpi mainan tidur"..
mmg memain laa mimpi nie..ish..
once again the mimpi was about him holding my hands..
but this time he hold my hands but not to make anyone jealous..
this time, in the dream,iam dating him..
how do i know i was dating him?
well i dunno..
i just.....know....
i not gonna tell how the mimpi goes..
because it was a ridiculous dream..
but it was at lake somewhere i dunno..

elok2 dh nk lpe psl dye, mimpi psl dye plak dtg..
cmne nk lpe nie?

im a tough girl..
i'll get through it somehow..
anyway he's gonna end his studies in may2010..
that is 5 month from now..

i need to let go my memories with him..
and start a new life..
think about my studies..
how to improve my self in next sem..

lots of love,

Friday, December 11, 2009

she is my mom:)

Sharifah Norashikin bt Syed Omar..
she is my one and only mom:D
born on 8th January 1958 at Arau,Perlis..
a loving mom who take care of her kids more than herself..
who take her family as her first priority..
very strict mom yet very sporting at certain things..
she can handle her kids superbly..
hardworking mom..
kind hearted and soft spoken(sometimes)
babbling a lot (every mom does..ahaha)
panic easily..
never abandon her kids
and she is a chef..
a super duper great chef who totally obsess with cooking
yesterday i found tumeric in her room..ahahaha..
sometimes u can even find ginger , onion or even anchovies in her handbag..
her phone just got repaired because there's oil in it..
sometimes u can even find kulit bawang in her purse..ahahaha..
but she is still my mom..
and i love her..

lots of love,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

sorry..i not gonna say it..

these entry goes to sum1 who begging for love..
he desperately need love..
he said he love me but the truth is he just need a girlfriend..
lucky me..
because i dun love him either..
what annoys me is he keep asking "smpai bler nk cmni?"
he wants me to say "i love u" to him..
well i can simply say it..
but heart and even my mouth don't want to say it..
even when texting him,my finger won't let me write the 3 words..
so i have dedicate this song to him..

3OH!3 feat Katy Perry

I think I should know how
to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out,
L-o-v-e's just another word I never learned to pronounce,

How do I say I'm sorry 'cause the word is just never gonna come out,
L-o-v-e's just another word I never learned to pronounce

lots of love,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

when he said.....u should......because...

hai ppl:D
it is 7.05 am on 1 fine morning of Tuesday which belongs to 8th Dec 2009
i have not sleep yet..
thats wat i'll get when i let a little too much of caffeine flow in my blood..
listening to my song of the year that makes me wanna dance which is "sexy bitch - akon feat david guetta"..
damn girl..damn the sexy bitch..that sexy bitch..damn girl..
anyway back to the tittle..
its actually my personal experience which im goin through right now..

if u r in a relationship which u r not really serious with,
or in the other word
in love just to fill ur free time and have someone to sms with,
and he never been in love before..
plus if u r 16-21 years old and ur so called partner is 3 - 5 years older than u,
then u should take a look at this and take note..


when he said :
"i love u so much only god knows how much i love you"while making an eye contact when u are really scared to look into he's eyes back

u should :
talk about something else or talk about 1 guy that u have a crush on but u put a twist on your story and said that he had a crush on me it works..

because :
he is f*cking meant it..and want u to be his wife in 2 or 3 years and u r not ready to become a wife..


when he said :
"i'll never let u go no matter what happens"
and you said "even if i have someone else?"
and he said "yes!like i said, no matter what happens"

u should :
find one thing that can make u n him fight so that u can call it over..or u should say like this "igt tuhan..igt family..jodoh pertemuan ditgn tuhan..klu ade jodoh,ade laa..klu xde,xde laa..spe kita utk mengubah takdir.."

because :
that is creepy..if u break it off because of ur own fault,he could do something stupid..whether he hurt himself or he hurt u..scaaaarrryy:-s


when he said :
lps u abes blaja 2thn lg, im going to ask my mom to see ur parents utk merisik n bertunang..then sethn lps tu,kte kawin laa..

u should :
call it over ASAP..

because :
that's even scarier..u r too young to get married..and he starts talking bout marriage when u r dating him for just 3-4 month..


when he said :
"i'll buy u anything u want"

u should :
never take it..unless it is a cheap one..

because :
korang akan rse terhutang budi and it will stop you from leaving him..


when he said :
"money is not important..what's more important is our relationship"when u ask him do not spend too much money on you..

u should :
tell him "cbe bwk hubungan nie pegi pasar tgk bley beli ape?" and he will kepp his mouth shut..

because :
if u married to him,u will be in big trouble..silap2 kte yg tanggung dye..bkn dye yg tanggung kita..have you heard "berat sama di pikul,ringan sama dijinjing"?well if u married with this kind of guy,that phrase would be totally f*cking bullshit..

so that will be it for now..
there's more to come..
so stay tuned:)

lots of love,

p/s : you'll live if theres no love,but you'll die without money

Sunday, December 6, 2009

ohhhh i wish!!

i have a nicest dream ever!!
but i really wish it'll come true..
i dun want the whole part of my dream come true,but there's just 1 part that i wish it'll come true..
after i woke up from this dream,i straight up wrote this entry..

the dream was like dis......

1 day i was going to watch football match..
i was waiting for my friend ouside the stadium..
but suddenly i saw _ _ _ _ _..
he was going to watch the match too..
and he was waiting for his friend too..
then we talked while walking..
and he hold my hand..
n kiss my hand..
omfg..oh lord..
im melt...
(and now still.....and this is the part that i want it to come true)
im was shocked..
owh my. .at that time i wish it wasn't a dream..
but was a dream..
then i get in his fren's car..
he was talking to his fren..
and then i knew that he do it on purpose so that his gf would be jelous..
wat the fish..
he talks as if he doesnt know my feelings towards him..
it was hurt..
( still hurt..)
and he look at me and he smile like nothing happen..
all i can do is smile back..
he was mean..really mean..
he played with my feelings..
now i fell like "i hate him but i want him"
(this is the part that i really dont want it to come true..)

well it IS a DREAM..
so..wake up nana..

lots of love,

p/s : i can still feel his touch..:(

Saturday, December 5, 2009

i really dunno..

seriously..i dunno wat to write..
blur..totally blank..

i've started my semester break..
i'm at home doing nothing..
no transport..nadaa..
so im stuck here by my self..
so i decided to fill my free time with cooking..
i've learnt to cook my fav food..

on my bday,maxis gave me 1 whole day free calls..
but i only use it 4 hours..
bcause i was so excited with my bday until im not in a mood to call anyone..ahaha..
neway..the pulut kning is still in the fridge..
yummy!!1 week eating plut kning..
just me n plut kning..
super duper yummy!!

lots of love,

P/S : i never thats why i bold it..:D

Friday, December 4, 2009

The 3rd December

it's my birthday ppl!!!
i am super duper excited!!
im finally turning 18!!
now bru ckup umo!!
today i got to eat pulut kuning n rendang..yummy!!
my favourite..
im gonna put the pics and let the pics s
peaks for it self..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Khatimah Cinta - 6ixth Sense

Bintang Malam nyanyikan lagu
Rindu hatiku yang terpendam
Bintang malam lukis wajahku
Katakan aku pergi

Genggamlah cinta yang ku berikan
Simpanlah selalu dalam hati
Ku akan selalu dalam mimpimu
Menemani tidurmu

Sudahlah sudah
Ku harus pergi
Jangan kau tangisi aku lagi
Biarku bawa seluruh
Ku dakap dalam tidur panjangku

Peluk tubuhku
Kucup bibirku
Relakan saja aku pergi...

Monday, November 9, 2009


1. Anda seorang....
manusia berjantina perempuan

2. Anda puas hati dengan kehidupan anda?
puas ati laa drpd xidop lnsg..

3. Pernah jatuh cinta?

4. Berapa kali?

5. Bagaimana perasaan anda bila jatuh cinta?

6. Cinta monyet?
what about it?npe byk sgt soalan psl love nie?

7. Jika anda seorang jutawan,apakah benda pertama yang anda akan beli?

8. Anda obses dengan....
hanphones n facebook

9. Warna yang digemari?
pink ofcoz..then gold,red,purple and black

10. Anda minat sukan bola?

11. Pasukan pilihan anda?

12. Anda menyesal kerana....
saya ikut ckp mak sy 10 thn lps..kerana mak saya suruh saya mkn ayam kerana saya trlalu kurus masa itu..look at me now:(

13. Selepas anda bangun tidur anda....
check fon klu2 ade miscalls or msgs..

14.Anda bangga dengan diri anda kerana....
saya brjaya mengawal emosi saya eventhough i have a dozen of super duper big probs in 1 day..i can keep smiling forever..

15. Mozarella atau Parmesan

16. Facebook atau MySpace

17. Hari ini....
sy akan terigt2 serta terbyg2 mke mummy sy smbil brkata "blajaq nana blajaq"

18. Esok pula....
sy akan terigt ttg 2012 n new moon

19. Bagaimanapula dengan lusa?
sy akn terigt assignment sy..

20. Tarikh keramat....
3rd december 1991

21. Kawan anda....
adlh teman bergosip sy..:D

22. Anda sangat suka....

23. Anda sangat benci....
bila xde duit...$$$$$$$$$$$$

24. Anda baru belajar....
buat kek batik guna biskut marie..jimat!!!!!

25. Anda tak faham kenapa....
man-chester united(lelaki berdada bersatu) sgt bising??xde life ke??

26. Anda selalunya bergaduh/bertekak tentang....
liverpool n mu..

27. Anda impikan....
sebuah hummer...

28. Anda kehilangan....
respect pd seseorg..

29. Anda selalu....
gossip n gelakkan org brsama teman gossip saya iaitu rhea,ety dan kak jiha...

30. Anda nak tag siapa....
rhea,ety,kak jiha

its the same qayyum..

qayyum : how r u yang?
me : been great..u?
qayyum : i dmam!!
me : aik lps bday dmam tros?
qayyum : birthday?
me : bkn bday u ke dis month?
qayyum : otak u..haha..
me : ke?bkn u ckp bday u bln 11 ke?abs bday u bler?ahahahaha..damn2..
qayyum : bodo u..bln 9..
me : ea..bkn 11 ea?ahahaha..mati2 i igt 6.11..damn..damn..damn..bodo u..
qayyum : i bodo?t0ng0ng..
me : i plak tongong..ngok laa u nie..dmam2 bley ckp i dmam..
qayyum : ha?lg i xphm..u kt mana nie?
me : shit not dmam..mksd i tongong
qayyum : 2 la trpksa ckp sbb u tongong sgt..haha..
me : i kt umah my sis..trpkse ea..damn..ahaha..u kt mne?
qayyum : i kat umah nenek..buat ape kt sana?bila nk kawen ngan i?ahakz..
me : ahahaha..owh dmam2 suh nenek u jg plak..bler nk kawen ngan u?now laa..bley?
qayyum : haha..cucu paling hndsome mstila dier jge..astaghafirllah..haha..bodo i ckp btol2 nie..haish
me : ewww..handsome?haven't u look into the mirror?u purpose,i kawen laa ngan u..
qayyum : ok2..i purpose eh?k2..ehem2..Jom kawen ngan i!!
me: jom!!!lalalala..
qayyum : skang2!!
me : ok2..u dtg kl mom dh bg green light tu..
qayyum : okay.bodo!bf u sihat?
me : bf?who?
qayyum : bkn u ade bf ke?
me : dh break laa silly..
qayyum : dgn spe?
me : i dh bgtaw u laa..wan..
qayyum : owh yea..bila break?
me : last 3 weeks..
qayyum : oic skrg nie u tga cr bf laa nie?
me : nope..i nvr search for waiting for it..
qayyum : i ada calon utk u..amcm?nk try?
me : who?
qayyum : biar i describe dier dlu k..dia bley tahan..xtipu..rmai org sng nk kwn dgn dia..
me : spe?u describe yg baik2 dye je..yg negative part xde ke?
qayyum : ok dia pn skrg l0nely..4 me dia xde prinsip..2 je..
me : xde prinsip?wat do u mean?
qayyum : cam susa nk wat kputusan laa..
me : owh..i c..who is he?
qayyum : brminat x?
me : mcm iklan laa plak..ahaha..ckp laa dlu spe..
qayyum : ada dia sexy..siyes ow..
me : ye ke?wow!!i nk..spe2?
qayyum: babi gatal..kras gle bdn dia..nice shape..
nana : ye la..spe dye tongong..
qayyum : aik?gersang da?ahakxz..
me : gersang?ewww..cpat laa spe?
qayyum : nk no. or nk jmpe dye?
me : i nk taw spe dye..
qayyum : kwn i laa dol..di org t'ganu..xslap i nme dia apai.. i crkn apai 4 u, u kne tlg i sumthing k?
me : ptot laa baik sgt..cheh nk tlg pe?

*then he called me*

p/S : miss incik qayyum..dh lme xjmpe:D

Sunday, October 11, 2009

nk sgt gamba..amik ko gamba..

my blog have loads of pics..
npe upload byk2??
sbb rmai komplen "eh npe blog ko gamba skit je..?"
nnt ade plak tnye"eh gamba mne gamba"
hah..amik ko gamba..
nk lg??byk ag gamba nie..

lots of love,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the nigerians

i have issues with nigerians..
nigerians keep asking my num..
get a life laa..

Why I Hate Nigerians(Guys)
1. smells like dead cow..
2. mereka bernafsu kuda..
3. all they can think of is sex..
4. big fat liar..
5. suke ckp besar..
(last time i met nigerians at one utama,told me that he is a Datuk..yeah right..A Datuk using kete kncil buruk
6. super duper gatal..

wrapping this up..
I Friggin' Hate Smelly Nigerians

lots of love,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

my house was opened..

my Hari Raya open house@house warming..
it was tiring but quite fun..
around 100+ came t my house..
my dearest frens came too..

the food??
there's nasi minyak,laksa,ayam msak kicap,sambal ikan,kari daging,ketupat,puding roti with castard,etc..

started : 3pm
ended: 11 pm

YM Selangor 1 members

thanks for coming..
i cant love u more
lots of love,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

the ugly truth

im a fan of katherine heigl..
hell yeah..

on 25th sept 09
me,my adek:tyka,abby,my akak:eila,my kazen:pah n "him" went to midvalley..
me n him got some probs..
bodo laa him..
we dh lme xjmpe..
dh jmpe nk mrh2 plak..
lepuk kang bru taw..
so the whole day quite suck big time..
neway..cter the ugly truth mmg best...
walaupn xsnonoh tp klaka thap dewa..
i love katherine heigl..
but im wondering..
most of her movies need her to be naked..

neway..dat day was suck..
he was mad at me the whole freakin day bcoz i was on the fon with ajim for 10mins.
ckp fon ngan ajim je pn..
xkn nk ltk plak kot kan..
(ajim pegi pd ngan akie n ewan..uwaaaa..jeles nih)
dye ckp i xrespect
god..nk ckp fon dpn dye pn xbley ke..
lps dh habis,dye buat mke
then he drove his car to puchong to fetch tyka..
mse on the way tu sume senyap je..
bler dh ade tyka..start blik bisingg..ahaha
tp dye diam je..lantak laa

tyka:kak..ko g laa pjuk dye..
me : ahh..watpe??ak xslh pn..
tyka: korunk gado npe?
me : dye mrh ak sbb ckp tepon ngan ajim..
tyka: laa itu je..ala kak ko ngalah je laaa..
me : wohooo..bnde kcik dye nk mrh2,lantak dye laa..
tyka : ala kak..xske laa jln2 gado cmni..
me : biar la kt dye..dik ko jln ngan ak..

then we jln2..
"him" dok blakang..diam mcm org pkak..
kje dye haritu = mrah sume org..
ajak mkn skali pn xnk..
menyakitkan hati btol..

then time nk blik..
pnat nk pjok..
tgk2 mcm shithole..
then dye mrh tyka..
sbb ajak abby xgtaw dye..urghh..
watever laa..

then mse on the way blik dr antar abby nk nk pegi bukit bintang,tayar kete boco plak..
adoiii..kesialan berganda..ahaha..
then mse kt bkit bintang we dh ok=D
then we survey phone..
sbb he sed he want to give me new fon as a present for my bday..
then mse blik i got my goodnight kiss=D

thanks ea mr.B sbb bwk i jln2..
next time bwk lg..ahahaha..

lots of love,

Monday, September 21, 2009


kenapa boring??
sebab xde sape2 kt kmpg

mne abg n akak??
good question..hurm let see..
abg = rumah mertua kt sabah
akak = rumah mertua jgk kt taiping

owh mne ur pakcik2 n makcik2?
ami chaq n paman ade..but amiteh there's no fun at all..
but at ami chaq house best laa..we bkar2 satay..
abg subri pnye satay is the best..
but today sket prot bagai nk gler..
coz semlm mkn byk..
lemang n favourite..
then got laksa..
pulut kuning lagi..
then nasi tomato lagi..
how can human being resist this..

anyway my bju raya dis year kaler kuning mcm raja pkai tu..
mse pegi istana tue dh mcm ank raja perlis dh..ah

anyway raya thn nie mcm xde spark pn..
mcm xbrape nk raya sgt..

but i am looking foward for raya haji..
ade gathering the whole family from my mom side..
korban 2 ekor lembu..
sekor utk kteorg n sekor lagi sedekah kt ank2 yatim..
buat satay...wuhuuuu..i like...
can't wait..weheee!!

bju raya1..
yg kaler ijau lom siap..ekekeke..

lots of love,

bad Kanye!!!

and the award goes to...
Taylor Swift!!!
taylor : thank you....bla bla bla..
kanye west get on the stage n grab the mic form taylor..
kanye: i'll let taylor have her moment after this but beyonce's video is the best of all time..
taylor : *speechless*
wtf kanye???
she's 19..
u ruin her her moment..
take my middle finger kanye
lots of love,

Saturday, August 29, 2009

bubbye PJ..

ok today my family n i r moving out..
bubbye PJ
me,mummy,abg n his wife are staying together at Damansara Damai..
akak,her husband and their son,Jamiel r moving to Sg.Besi..
today is our last day at Sentosa..
japgi lag 2 jam lori dtg amik brg..
harini serah kunci n amik deposit rumah..
japgi msti pnat angkat brg..urghh..
(uish sdapnye mnum sirap ais)..opsss..kantoi..
i pose laa..mne de mnum air sirap pn..
anyway 1st week of puasa mmg havoc..
mse kt my ostel sume dok berebut dapur laa..berebut sinki laa..
peti sejuk pn dh xsejuk dh sbb byk sgt brg..
anyway some says that cuti raya stars on 12 - 28 sept..yepeeee..
assignment??arghh..jgn laa tnye..
spoil the mood btol..huh..

anyway,i gtg..

lots of love,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

abg ejoy @ sel1.landak

name : Muhammad Faizul bin Saharudin
age : 21 years OLD..
dob : 7th December 1988
current town : Bangi
nick : ejoy @ landak
fav kaler : hijau n putih

knape pggl landak??

sbb rmbut dye laa..

tgk rambut dye ckup menggerunkan segala spesis cicak..

beliau adalah seorg porcupine yg klaka..

walaupun beliau adalah landak tp beliau adalah abgku..

beliau adalah awek hot dgn rmbut yg cun..

rmbut yg ckup menggugatkan semua spesis landak..

rmai landak dilaporkan bnuh diri kerana beliau tlh menjadi kegilaan rmai landak betina..

rmai landak tlh kecewa lantas menyimpan dendam terhadap abg ku ini..

bler rmbut dye nk kurang pacak??

haa yg ni yg kita xtaw..

janggut beliau juga tdk kurang tajamnya..

sila jauhkan diri anda drpd beliau sbb rmbut beliau boleh mmbunuh anda..

apa2pun beliau seorg abg yg best:D

lots of love,