Saturday, December 12, 2009


once again i had dream that has _ _ _ _ _ inside it..
ppl sed "mimpi mainan tidur"..
mmg memain laa mimpi nie..ish..
once again the mimpi was about him holding my hands..
but this time he hold my hands but not to make anyone jealous..
this time, in the dream,iam dating him..
how do i know i was dating him?
well i dunno..
i just.....know....
i not gonna tell how the mimpi goes..
because it was a ridiculous dream..
but it was at lake somewhere i dunno..

elok2 dh nk lpe psl dye, mimpi psl dye plak dtg..
cmne nk lpe nie?

im a tough girl..
i'll get through it somehow..
anyway he's gonna end his studies in may2010..
that is 5 month from now..

i need to let go my memories with him..
and start a new life..
think about my studies..
how to improve my self in next sem..

lots of love,

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