Sunday, December 6, 2009

ohhhh i wish!!

i have a nicest dream ever!!
but i really wish it'll come true..
i dun want the whole part of my dream come true,but there's just 1 part that i wish it'll come true..
after i woke up from this dream,i straight up wrote this entry..

the dream was like dis......

1 day i was going to watch football match..
i was waiting for my friend ouside the stadium..
but suddenly i saw _ _ _ _ _..
he was going to watch the match too..
and he was waiting for his friend too..
then we talked while walking..
and he hold my hand..
n kiss my hand..
omfg..oh lord..
im melt...
(and now still.....and this is the part that i want it to come true)
im was shocked..
owh my. .at that time i wish it wasn't a dream..
but was a dream..
then i get in his fren's car..
he was talking to his fren..
and then i knew that he do it on purpose so that his gf would be jelous..
wat the fish..
he talks as if he doesnt know my feelings towards him..
it was hurt..
( still hurt..)
and he look at me and he smile like nothing happen..
all i can do is smile back..
he was mean..really mean..
he played with my feelings..
now i fell like "i hate him but i want him"
(this is the part that i really dont want it to come true..)

well it IS a DREAM..
so..wake up nana..

lots of love,

p/s : i can still feel his touch..:(

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