Friday, December 11, 2009

she is my mom:)

Sharifah Norashikin bt Syed Omar..
she is my one and only mom:D
born on 8th January 1958 at Arau,Perlis..
a loving mom who take care of her kids more than herself..
who take her family as her first priority..
very strict mom yet very sporting at certain things..
she can handle her kids superbly..
hardworking mom..
kind hearted and soft spoken(sometimes)
babbling a lot (every mom does..ahaha)
panic easily..
never abandon her kids
and she is a chef..
a super duper great chef who totally obsess with cooking
yesterday i found tumeric in her room..ahahaha..
sometimes u can even find ginger , onion or even anchovies in her handbag..
her phone just got repaired because there's oil in it..
sometimes u can even find kulit bawang in her purse..ahahaha..
but she is still my mom..
and i love her..

lots of love,

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