Thursday, December 17, 2009

the BLEACH talking..

this post is written straight from the bottom of my heart..
im going to talk about BLEACH..
this post was all about BLEACH..
so for those who cant even understand a thing bout this post, just ignore it k:)

1st of all..
i've been waiting for Yachiru's shikai n bankai..i only saw her reiatsu..and its a massive one..almost same as Kenpachi's..who would thought that a cute lovely girl have a super massive i expect that Yachiru own a fantastic Zanpaktou..but i still cant wait to see her true form..

2nd of all
its about Uruhara Kisuke..although he seem cool and calm..but he has a bad ass Zanpaktou..he shouldn't be looked down..i've seen his Benihime(his shikai form),its quite impressive..when he wanted to show his bankai?i just cant wait..

3rd of all..
Kurosaki Isshin(ichigo's dad) was a shinigami?that was surprising..i can't comment a lot..bcoz he only appeared as shinigami in 1 scene which he fought with Grand Fisher that murdered his wife..but Uruhara seems to know him for a long time..perhaps he also from Seiretei..who knows?but i have to admit that he got a kick ass skills..

4th of all
The Vizards..stronger than shinigami..i cant wait to see them fight along with shinigami to kill aizen,ichimaru,tousen and their arrancar..vizard are originally a high level shinigami(captain n vice captain) that was turn into a hollow by aizen..thanks to Uruhara they r now half hollow half shinigami....which is good..they r strong..but they r stronger with their hollow mask..but i still cant figure out how Ichigo have a mask same as vizard..when the incident happens,Ichigo wasn't born yet..

5th of all
Zaraki favs..he have super duper extreamly massive reiatsu..until he cannot even control it..until he have to wear an eye patch that was specially made to reduce his reiatsu..he is the one and only captain 13 Protection Squad that haven't earn the shikai and bankai yet..although without the shikai and bankai,but he is the strongest among the captain(nt included genryuusai)..if and only if he ever gets shikai or bankai,all of the shinigami,arrancar,vizard should beware..becoz if he does,then he is the last person on earth that u wanna fight with..uhh scary..the question is, when will he attain the shikai n bankai?

if i kept thinking of it and keep finding the answer for all those question,the more question keep popping up..
it makes my head spinning..


lots of love,

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