Saturday, December 5, 2009

i really dunno..

seriously..i dunno wat to write..
blur..totally blank..

i've started my semester break..
i'm at home doing nothing..
no transport..nadaa..
so im stuck here by my self..
so i decided to fill my free time with cooking..
i've learnt to cook my fav food..

on my bday,maxis gave me 1 whole day free calls..
but i only use it 4 hours..
bcause i was so excited with my bday until im not in a mood to call anyone..ahaha..
neway..the pulut kning is still in the fridge..
yummy!!1 week eating plut kning..
just me n plut kning..
super duper yummy!!

lots of love,

P/S : i never thats why i bold it..:D

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