Tuesday, June 30, 2009

will this burden go away??

Will this burden go away after this 3/7/09???3rd july is my first presentation since I've been a UNITARian..This is the part i hate the most..Although my body reluctant to do it but my mind n soul force me to do it..Bcoz I am a student..Not a friggin' chicken..So I have to fire up my spirit..I can hear my mind shouted at me "go and just friggin' do it woman!!why in the world it is so hard for u?"So now I'm refilling my rietsu(bleach word ahahahha:D)and just gonna friggin' do it..Its only 10 mins only..I am a tough girl..Ive been through a lot before this..Non of those nonsense have brought tears run down my face yet..Although I got weak feeling bout dis,but hell yeah..I'm friggin do it..I don't give a shit anymore..And when I've finished my studies,I'll show my sis n bro that I'm not spoil as they claimed..I'll pay my mom for every single thing she had done for me..And I'll never let my mom complain bout anything..This is a promise from a daughter to her mom..As for my teammates, have faith in me..Loose the pressure on me..I know what i'm doing..Although it is not as perfect as what I've imagined but better then nothing..Just have faith in me..


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