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Kurosaki Ichigo

The main character of the manga. He goes one day from being a normal every day kid who can see ghosts, to attacked by a hollow. During this battle, when he is about to parish, a new shinsingami he has just recently met descideds to transfer half of her energy into him. Unfortunately, due to his spiritual awareness already, the moment her sword touches his soul, he takes virtually all of her power, transforming him into a shinigami. After this, he is given the role of a shinigami to protect those who are being attacked by hollows, which usually means protecting/fighting against people he already knows. Over a short period of time, Ichigo has shown that he has been able to do many things that no human should be able to do, such as fight at the level he does, as well as be able to see spiritual aura in a physical form (which allows him to locate people by sensing there aura, even if it is very weak). He is slowly begining to learn how to use and regulate his spiritual power.

Ichigo's shikai : Zangetsu (its a elegant n cleverer katana(his sword).it is long and tall..the cloth wraping seems to react to ichigo's will..shikai zangetsu power is simple but deadlyit can translate ichigo's pressure into tangible pressure.the resulting cresent moon of light is called Getsuga Tenshuo it can slice anything but ichigo is still learning to master it..

Ichigo's bankai : Tensa Zangetsu (comparatively small..smaller than in shikai boost up speed for ichigo that enough for him to produce Getsuga Tenshou from 2 opposite side simultaneously

Kuchiki Rukia

She is the first real Shinigami that Ichigo ever encountered, and to save both Ichigo and herself she transfered her Shinigami powers to him. She currently is still working for soul society, but as Ichigo's Shinigami teacher. She hides herself in her human form from Hollows until her strength returns - all the while coaching Ichigo and helping him with his Soul Society missions. She aslo puts up a wonderful facade around her class mates, and is still trying to adapt and understand many things about the human world.

Kuchiki Byakuya

He is the captain of the 6th squad and is also Rukia's older brother. He comes from a very nobel family and is very powerful. He travels from soul society to return Rukia (whom he is not on good terms with) and to kill Ichigo.

Byakuya's shikai : Senbonzakura (disintergrated in tiny razor-thin metal petals dat looks like a cherry petals)

Byakuya's bankai : Senbonzakura Kageyoshi ( a stately double row of a dozen swords that can dissolve into the wind making much bigger razor-petal for him to use.It also can transform into ghost-white blades n sling them around mentally)

Ishida Uuryu

He is the last surviving quincy, and has a deep seeded hatred for all Shinigami because his sensei died fighting hollows when the Shinigami were late to show up. He challenges Ichigo by putting out hollow bait and thus attracting alot of hollows, so much that they couldnt not handle them all. Ishida and Ichigo then team up to beat the hollows and save the city.

Inoe Orihime

One of Ichigo's classmates who has a very big crush on him, but is afraid to act on it. She lost her brother in a car accident many years ago, and he came back as a hollow to eat her soul. Just before he did it, he realized that this would not make her happy and that what he was doing was wrong and so he "cleansed himself" by making himself dissapear. After being in contact with Ichigo's shinigami form, her spiritual power was awakened.

Abara Renji

He is the vice-captain of the Shinigami Squad 6 - directly under Kuchiki Byakuya. He retunrs with Byakuya to help bring back rukia, whom he seems to personally have something against. He seems somewhat strong but acts very impulsively most of the time.

Renji's shikai : Zabimaru (looking like a saw blade,comprised in 7 rectangular plates,each plate is flat n tooth like spike and last plate is long enough to qualify as a fang.Zabimaru is not a sword its a whip.)

Renji's bankai : Hihiou Zabimaru (giant snake skeleton.held together with Renji's spiritual pressure.the head can search out and bite it's opponent on its own will.

Urahara Kisuke

This is the manager of the Uraha shop, who has an unshaven face and wears a beach hat most of the time. He cares a lot about the reputation of the shop and tries his best to provide his costomers with the products that they want. When he realizes the mistake he made in giving Rukia a mod soul, he descides he will fix the problem himself. He seems to have some abilities, but at this point he mostly remains a mystery

Urahara's shikai : Benihime (cane sword has a flaming skull sigil)

Sado Yasutora (Chad)

Chad is Ichigo's very large friend, who seems to be incredibly strong. He is able to even hold a steel beam on his back, as well as endure being hit by a car and many other accidents. He has a parakeet that has a goul's soul in it as well, and this parakeet brings about the death of every one of its owners. After coming in contact with Ichigo's shinigami form, his spiritual powers were awakened and he was able to defeat a hollow.

p/s : this is 18% information from wat i've gathered..enjoy reading..i gtg to read more..

p/s : i use colour red n black bcoz it is the colour of ichigo's zanpakutuo when he lauch it..

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