Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2 days 1 night 1박 2일 Jjang!!

I watched 2 days 1 night at KBS World.. Hosted by ever so popular host, Kang Hodong, my bunny Lee Seung Gi, my cute ajusshi Lee Su-geun, my candy Eun Ji-Won, and smiley Kim Jong Min.. I looooovvvveeeeee the show... i super loooooovvveeee the hosts... And I super duper looooovvvveee Seunggi and Jiwon.. The show is mainly about 5 of them travelling the whole Korea.. Obviously to promote Korea.. Which is a brilliant idea i would say.. This is a fun entertainment/documentary i might say.. I laughed hard everytime i watch the show.. I can watch the same episode over and over again.. I've watched the same kind of documentary that promote Malaysia.. It was BORING~~ But this is different.. They always have mission everytime they are assign to go certain places.. They play games before they can eat.. And  play games to decide whether they can sleep inside or outside.. It's fun.. They are funny... But i realllllllllyyyyyyyy miss MC Mong.. It is super fun when MC Mong were one of them :'( ... But sadly MC Mong got some issues regarding his military service.. Im not sure what issues that is because i don't wanna know.. It makes me sad so i decided not to read about the issues..   Why am i sad? Because the 6 of them were soooooo close.. It was so sad to see Mong out of the group .. Almost as sad as when Kim C announced that he will no longer be a part of 2 days 1 night on his last episode with them.. They all cried.. I almosttttt cried.. Not because i like Kim C.. Because they are soooo close.. They are like brothers.. Hurm~~ I really hope whatever MC Mong is dealing with right now, will be settle as soon as possible.. I really want to see him in 2 days 1 night again.. 

P/S : image above the old pic..from above left is Seunggi, Kim C, Hodong, Jiwon..Lower left : MC Mong and Su-geun..(at this time Kim C replace Jongmin because Jongmin was doing his 2 years military service)

People out there do tune on KBS World channel 391 at ASTRO

2 days 1 night - Friday 11.23pm at KBS World
1박 2일 Jjang!!


Lots of love,
Nana Azhar

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