Thursday, March 17, 2011

MBLAQ Cry ^__^

--Seung Ho ------- G.O -------- Lee Joon ----- Thunder ------- Mir --

Awwwww~~~ Aren't they awesome?? They are.. This is the song that makes me fall in love with them.. My bias is G.O and Mir.. MBLAQ works under Bi(Rain).. That's explain the body wave in every mv.. ahahahha!! Well they debut in 2009.. But i just started to love them around this month because of their song called CRY*the pic above is the CRY's promo picture:)* I can't post the video.. Don't blame me... Blame the internet.. Call me pervert but they r super sexaayyyyy!!!!I can't help it.. I really can't..I listen to their song all day since the first day i downloaded their song last 2 weeks.. I listen to CRY only.. 1 song n repeat it over and over again.. Now the song become my ringtone.. its going to be my caller ringtone soon.. Yay!!! I gonna think how to get rid of this obsession.. It is killing me!! So stay tune:D

P/S : go support MBLAQ ppl!! To those who haven't listen to their song yet, go ahead and listen to CRY.. You'll love it for sure:D

MBLAQ lover,
Nana G.O:)

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