Friday, March 18, 2011

His Name Is Gin

This is my baby .. My very own DSLR Nikon D3100..
His name 'Gin' .. Why named it as Gin? It is simply because i love Bleach anime so much.. Since Gin is my fav character and i really love him so much*and his already dead* so i named it as 'Gin' and i'll love this Nikon as much as i love the real Gin:)..
I bought Gin with my own money.. So i really2 proud of it.. So i would like to showing it off*if u don't care,i don't give a shit either..since this is my blog i'll post whatever i want* ahahahaha!!
I take a look at the manual.. It's one hell of a manual man!!It's thick!!
I really need to study it.. By the way im so glad i can bring my Gin for his first vacation with me to Langkawi this Sunday:)

Welcome To The Family Gin:)

16th March 2011
I'll mark my calendar
We'll celebrate ur bday every year:D

p/s : i sounded like a psycho..pardon me:-s

Lots of love,
Nana Azhar

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