Thursday, September 8, 2011

Being The Youngest Is Unfair

BEING THE YOUNGEST is not as 'heaven' as some of u may think.. Its worst than u think..

Im the youngest in my family.. I've hurt a lot.. I've cried a lot.. Im not the type of girl that would let my tear drop easily.. Whenever someone hurt me, I would speak my heart out.. I can slap them my vicious words.. But I cry easily when it comes to family matters.. Whenever they hurt me, I cannot do anything... Speaks nothing..  I can only nod and keep the feelings to myself and apologize.. They will NEVER apologize to me.. Why would they? Im the youngest.. My feeling doesn't matter much.. Even though I turning 20 this year but they still treated me as a child.. I'll always be treated as a child for the rest of my life.. At this age,they still make a decision for me.. What i'm supposed to do, What to put in my bedroom, What I should buy.. They will not take NO for an answer.. When I said I want to buy this, they tell me to buy that.. When I said I DON'T want bed in my bedroom,the next day they put bed in my bedroom.. Why waste money for something I don't want?They said they make decision for me for my own good.. What good does it do by putting a queen-sized bed in my small bedroom? I hate my room now for sure.. My mom said I hurt her feeling.. Am I ?I told her many times I don't want a bed in my bedroom..Why can't she understand what I want and what I DON'T want?My brother get to do what he likes and my mom will said "biar laa kt dia..dia mmg mcm tu dh..dia mmg suka buat mcm tu.." My mom let my brother do anything he likes.. But when it comes to me, " mummy tak suka laa nana mcm nie..mummy tak suka laa nana mcm tu"..When i said " nana mmg mcm nie " she'll said " sbb tu laa nana kena ubah perangai tu" .. Mummy akan mengalah when it comes to abg.. Me and akak pn kena mengalah when it comes to abg.. Things get worst when I moved out from Sunway and stay at Damansara Damai 'fulltime' .. Mummy if u feel I constantly hurt ur feeling, I think its best for me to move back to Sunway.. So that u'll not hurt .. And im not hurt as well.. Its best for everybody.. Don't u think?

Yours truly,

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