Friday, February 18, 2011

THE RITE *movie review*

THE RITE - A story bout exorcism and priest that kind of stuff..well i thought only Malaysia have this kind of movie..Hollywood have it too..well this is a story bout Micheal Kovac*i kinda forgot his name but i think this is his name..correct me if im wrong*who doesn't believe in God,Jesus,and evil spirit..somehow for some reason he entered an academy for future priest that fight evil spirit at Rome.. Because of his strong disbelieve of God n evil spirit, Father Xavier ask him to meet with Father Lucas... And this is all how it begins.. hurm...this movie to me is average..not lovin' it...not hatin' it either..i dunno..maybe i've seen a lot of this in Malaysian movie since Malaysian entertainment industry love to produce horror movies this to me its quite boring..this kind of movie if u wanna watch it,i suggest watch it on WEDNESDAY *at every cinema got Wednesday Special..the ticket price cheaper than normal than sure all of u are aware of it right?*so this is my review..from my point of view..i dunno bout yours..maybe diffrent than mine..ok to wrap this up,this is my rating..


p/s : can't wait to watch Black Swan and Beastly..

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

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