Sunday, February 6, 2011


INSOMNIA!!!!!yup2..i've been insomnia since 2008...after SPM i just dunno wat to i was freakin' bored...since there's no book to study,i started to study the FACEBOOK..oh god!! this 'facebook' disease really makes me stay up all night...well not just facebook.. YOUTUBE to blame too..too much video to watch...but so little i decided to sleep around 2am...but lama2 trus xtdo..there's 1 time around June 2009, i didn't sleep for 5 days!! seriously...because i was downloading videos..BLEACH obessed with Bleach,so the whole 5 days i was downloading the whole 250 episodes of Bleach*now episode 300+ already:)* The next day, i was buying food at Giant, Kelana Jaya , while i was pushing the cart,without realizing, i sleep while walking...goodness...slamat xlanggar tiang.. this is the example that u shouldn't follow peeps...because its not good for ur health*i know but i dun care**sigh* too late to 're-schedule" my sleeping time...its been almost 3 years now...i'll sleep when the sun rise..and wake up when the sun sets...mcm knon2 org LONDON dtg bermaustatin kt MALAYSIA tp kne jetlag*jetlag otak mu nana* .. FYI, i am MALAYSIAN!!ahaha..sorry for being like this..i really can't help it..because of this INSOMNIA,i have a pair of PANDA eyes*winkwink* ..who cares?i dun give a sh* sume sibuk2 nk buat smokey eyes, sbb tdo lmbt hari,i have my own natural smokey eyes..hebat kn? Anyway guys,jgn nk insomnia sgt...xelok..."xelok npe buat jgk?" i ask this question my self..but i dun have the answer..xpe2 biar ak je buat..korang jgn ok..sbb nnt jd ting tong like me doing some random stuff SAY NO TO INSOMNIA!!:D

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

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