Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Multi Negative Attitude Man

lets name him 'S'

all my life i never find someone who is that thick skin and self center as he is..
he takes us for granted..
not only me but his other friends too..
he takes us for granted in so many ways..
i have to admit though..he is good at taking ppl for granted..
i bet he's been doing it since he was a cry baby..
he is a superb 'actor' too..
he's been acting all nice in front of us ..
me n one of my friend(called 'N') believed that he was a nice man..
his friend came to me and told me bout his acting skills..
but i don't believe them ..because in my eyes he was a very nice man..
until one day me n 'N' witnessed ourself the other side of his..
it is ugly as he looks..
it is almost like "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" to me..
he is a LIAR!!
after he gets my friend(called 'R') to be his GF,he just turn into Mr Hyde..
to me and 'N','R' is like our lil sister..
we r not besties..WE ARE SISTERS!!
now everything turn upside down..
now 'R' is far away from us..
she won't even talk to us n literately ask us to stay away from her life..
well it's not like im interfering her love life or anything..
but he's been brainwashing her..
now she listen to every word he says..
he is a troublemaker..
he lose his friends..now 'R' is losing her's too..
we love 'R'...yeah we do..
but because of 'S',we had a cold war..
i use to like seeing 'R' and 'S' together..
but now since he is causing me a trouble,im starting to hate him..
he is a trouble for me..
yet he blah blah-ing to 'R' n turning me into a bad person..
wat the heck!!
now there r just 2 of them in their own world..
no friends at all..
they thought they have friends but they don't..
because their friends hate them..
how do i know?
because their friends are my friends too..
he might think that i don't know him..
but i do know him..i know a lot bout him that 'R' don't know..
'R' didn't notice anything because she is too blinded by his so-called LOVE..
oh god dis lovebirds are causing me trouble..


dear 'R' ,

hye 'R' ..dh lme kte xsembang2..bkn ak nk msuk cmpur urusan korang..mmg x pun..ko pun knal ak cmne...ko knal ak lg lme pd ko knal 'S' kn.. tp situation skrg xbley berpnjangan..sbb situation skrg mmg xelok..ko pn xbrckp ngan ak..ak xbrckp ngan ko..kte dh xmcm dlu..kte dh xlepak2..dh xrapat mcm dlu..dlu ssh snang mcm mne pn kte still sme2..now?ko xperasan ke sume nie?yes mmg ak happy klau ko happy sbb ko kwn ak..ak xanggap ko kwn ak..slame nie ak anggap kte nie mcm adik bradik dh..tp skrg kte dh mcm strangers..yes mmg ak xske 'S' sbb he is different dr ak knal dye dlu and sbb ape yg dye buat skrg..bnde yg dye buat skrg xbtol..xelok..ak bkn nk msuk cmpur..tp mslhnye bnde yg dye buat skrg effect ak skali..ak xnk nnt bnde nie jd mslh bsar..kwn2 dye sume bnci dye sbb ape yg dye buat skrg..n skrg kte mcm strangers pn sbb bnde yg dye buat skrg..ko ske ke keadaan jd mcm nie?ak xske sbb ak ske keadaan kte mcm dlu..happy2..lpak sme2..kte dh lme knal..ak xnk bnde nie jd mslh kt kte..slame nie ko couple dgn len,kte xde problem mcm nie pn..skrg npe problem mcm nie timbul?ak xske kte gado2 sbb hal2 mcm nie..we need to talk..ak syg ko mcm adk ak sndiri and ak xnk sbb bnde yg dye buat,kte kwan smpai sini je..come and talk to me..

Nana Horvejkul

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