Tuesday, March 24, 2009

bubub!!!i lap u..hate apai..

i lap u..
hello ppl..bubub need help..
she's down..really down..
its all bcoz of her bf that is nadhar aka apai..
he sucks..f**kin sucks..
bubub is being honest wif him..
but he just wont trust her..
if there's no trust in love,then u should break it..
y keep it..
now she skip her class...
crying 24/7..
she's being so miserable..
pity her..
if i saw apai sumwhere,i swear i'll kick his sorry ass..
i really meant it..
he such a dick..
freakin dick..
sabar bubub..
kami warga sel1 syg ko bubub..
we love u bubub

lots of hate to apai,

1 comment:

  1. da bape lama dia nangis2???
    at some point, she will stop...plg cepat pon dlm seminggu je...
    dun worry......jom kita kuar enjoy2 ar...
    jgn biar dia dok umah.....not so healthy lor.