Thursday, March 19, 2009

thanking my family...

well im going for unitar.. taking business management.. and i want a scooter.. tp mummy n abg xkasi.. they sed its too dangerous.. diorg sruh bwk kete.. ssh laa.. lesen kete mhal.. minyak pn mhal.. nnt nk beli buku lg.. lesen lagi.. makan mnum lagi.. yuran lg.. yuran dh la rm15,000 adoi aii.. ak nk cgpa aku above 3.00.. pstu ak nk pegi london... tmpt henry golding...hahaha he is sweetheart.. i love henry golding.. lame.. anyway i want to thank my sis for paying my fees.. although i always sed i hate her.. but actually i dont.. she is my sister.. my only sister..
i'll nvr hate her..
then i would lyk to say thanks mommy n papa..
u support me all along..
i'll pay u back mommy..u'll see..
then thanks abg..
for being my abg..
for babbling n making me laugh..
i nana nk cr boyfriend.i'll definately find someone lyk u..
jk la abg..

lots of love,

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