Saturday, March 21, 2009

my ex is maniac

ok my ex is totaly a maniac..
he wants to run out from home..
he's crazy..
its all his fault laa..
his mom mad at him bcoz he raise his voice to his ganny..
bcoz he doesnt want to lend his fon to his cozin..
well his cozin is a drug addict..
if i were him i pn xnk pnjm kn ryte..
for sure he will sell it ryte..
his fon pn dier jual..
but my ex shouldn't raise his voice..
his mom was mad+sad
now he nk lari rumah plak..
then i ask him to apologize..
then he marah me plak..
then i sed
"u were asking for my help then u angry wif me??what the hell??"
then bru he mntk maaf to me..
then i sed ''later when u cool down,u msg me back..n don't do anything stupid"
wat laa..aiyoo..

lots of love,


  1. Hahahah! H0w was him n0w? Tell him - sket2 lari rumah, sket2 lari rumah. N0 w0nder he's ur EX. If he the type 0f dengar cakap surely he's still URS rite? :P

  2. u damn staright ryte babe..
    dats y he's my ex..
    sket lari telo laa him.. weak..