Thursday, July 30, 2009

let him R.I.P

i've watch harry potter last 2 days!!!
i was friggin' excited..
i was so focused to the movie until i doesn't realize that my fren was talking to me..
he sed something to me n giggle..but i xprasan lnsg
ape dye ckp..ahahah..
eventhough ppl keep saying harry potter 6 quiet boring..
but IDTS..
ppl said that becoz maybe they r not into harry potter as much as i am or maybe they doesn't read the book..

i love the movie..
but Albus Dumbledor died..

when i read the book,i almost cried..
but when i saw it in the movie,i cried:((..
well i know Snape is on the good side bcoz i've read the Deathly Hollow..
i hate Bellatrix..
urghh that slut..
at first i hate Snape..
but when i read Deathly Hollow,i starting t
o like him..
it is very brave of him to make that Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa..
but i just can't stand Bellatrix..

anyway i can't wait for Deathly Hollow in 2011..
for what im heard they gonna split Deathly Hollo
w in to part 1 n part 2..
omg..i just can't wait..wheeeeee..

lots of love,

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