Thursday, July 23, 2009

going thru wihthout guardian angle..

i write this entri while listening to The Guardian Angle - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus..
and that song inspired me to write this blog..
its not that i want to dig out the old story..
just want to write it without any intention..

14th July
was his bday..

i text him..wish him happy 18th bday..

but no respond..

it makes me wonder,is he still mad?is he mad at me?or is he just friggin' hate me..

hate me??why??
just becoz we broke up that doesn't meant we have to hate each other..
i nvr hate him..but it is his choice to hate me..

but i was hoping that we can still be frens..
just so you know,i've moved on..
and i can see that so do you..
so i hope we can still be frens..

becoz i just sed we broke up as a couple not as a frens..
so u don't have to run away from me..
if u saw me in YM u dun have to sign out right away..
just act like nothing happen..
but nvrmind..its ur choice mate..

18th July was syah@bow bday..
i text him n wish him happy 24th bday..
and surprisingly he replied back..

that means we are fren again..
thanks syah..ehehe..
we've moved on
ryte mate..ehehe..

gtg ppl..bubbye

xoxo lots of love,

p/s : 13th July was apeck's 33th bday..happy bday pakcik!!!

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