Sunday, July 5, 2009

the winner no.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yesterday i've attended a program called "Doorway to Success" by UNITAR..
at first i really really really really really really hate it..
but then i just go to teman ameer..
we were placed at group no.2..
there,the 'facis' has set up an activity called "Treasure Hunt"..
urghh i hate treasure hunt..
but i have no choice...
we've choosed ameer to be our leader..
then the treasure hunt begin..
we were given a clue..
it was friggin' hot..
friggin' tiring.
it was a pain in the ass..
we were asked to find a clue at those 'facis'..
those 'facis' were bullying us...
the asked us to sing,do a sketch,collect rubbish,etc..
urghhh shit!!
we have to find them under the friggin hot sun..
after we finished the treasure hunt,they announced the winner..
riesya(the mc) said.."in the third place is group no 6!!!!"
"in the second place is group no.1!!!!"
"and in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
ameer and i was shocked..friggin' shocked..
then ameer smiled mcm kerang busuk..wakakakka..
although it was tiring but it was worth it..
and today my leg was in pain..
and iam having a fever..
but i dun give a shit bout it..
ok ppl gtg..
nk tgk movie kjap..

lots of love,

p/s : i think im gonna start blogging again..sorry for my foolish statement..

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