Thursday, July 23, 2009

lots of smiling lately..:D

i've been in a great mood lately..
i wonder why..
i've been taking a lot of pictures..silly picture..ahahahah..
anyway i miss my fren at Unitar..
ameer , angela , kak jiha , eti , raop , o'oi and etc...
big xoxo to them..

wat make me stop smiling??
huh..good question..
its the internet connection that stops me from smiling..

the connection have been like shit lately..
what happen to you maxis berokband!!??

i have paid you every s
ingle month..
x skip pn laa..
but the connection still like shit..

mudus btol..

org maxis
nie xwat kje ke hah!!?? in a go
od mood now..
i will continue writing..
see u in th
e next entry..

lot of love,

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