Thursday, July 16, 2009

exam's over..sem 1 over..enjoy the whole 2 weeks off..

exam finally over..
management was friggin' shit..
marketing was ok..
its ok..
sume dh lepas pn..
next sem im taking basic skills,f.IT,account,organizational behavior,pengajian islam..
wish me luck ppl..

as for now im enjoying my sem break..
2 weaks je pn:(
nvr mind..
im still gonna lose my head..wakkaka..
now that im 2 weeks off,im gonna be extreamly
active in YM,BLOGGER,FB n MS..
so do buzz me or drop by n say hye..
bcoz im quite bored..
so see y'all later..
xoxolots of love,

p/s: i want to watch Harry Potter 6 :((but im lack of money...anyone blanje me plsssssssssssssss:((

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