Monday, July 6, 2009

mid valley..

yesterday i've spend half of my day at midvalley..
i asked ameer to accompany to mid valley to watch movie..
even though at that time he was "tacing" with me,but he still "teman" me..
thanks ameer:)
when i was waiting for LRT,bubub called me..

bubub : weyh..ko ktne?
me : nie spe lak ni..ak kt LRT..nk gi mid.
bubub : nie bubub ar..xkn ak pn ko xknl..
me : owh..ahahha..kan ak ckp hp ak rosak..kntot r ko nie..

bubub : wakakaka(gelak mcm setan)..ko dtg x??

me : dtg mne lak ni??

bubub : gath(gathering YM selangor 1)laa..xkn dh lpe kot??

me : owh shit!! ak lpe laa..
bubub : bodo r ko nie..ko dtg x??

me : tgk laa cmne..ak pn nk pegi mid ni..ak nk tgk wayang ni..
bubub : bodo..ko nk tgk wayang ngan spe??
me : kwn r..
then she ran out of credit..wakakkaka..pdan mke..

then when we reached mid valley we went straight to GSC..
at first i wanted to watched Drag Me To Hell..

but then he wanted to watched I
ce Age 3..
because he never watched 3D before..
so we decided to watch Ice Age 3D..
Ice Age3 was ok..
but i think Ice Age 2 was better..
anyway,i wanted to watch movie coz i wanted to enjoy my self after my presentation and release tension before my final exam..
while we were watching Ice Age3, bu
bub called me AGAIN..

bubub : ko ktne??
me : ak lam wayang nie..
bubub : ko watpe kt wayang ??
me : msti la tgk movie..xkn nk mkn plak kot..

bubub :
wakkakaka..ko ngan spe??
me : ak ngan kwn ak kn dh ckp kntot!!!

bubub : wakakka..ok2..ak kteorg kt food court bwh nie..
me : owh..
bubub : nnt ko dtg r sini..sume ade kt sini..
(hamster dr blakang ckp) : weyh kdit jln mcm air laa)

me : wakakakaka..bodo hamster.
bubub : ko dtg x ni??
me : tgk laa cmne ni pn nk abs dh..

bubub : haa ok laa..ak tggu ko kt sini..
me : ok bye..
bubub : bubbye..

then right after we finished watching movie,we go straight to food court..
then i saw tarkam@kuda sekilo..
he said that they were inside..he said that he wanted to go back..
then we search for the others..then we found them..
then bubub said "piere!!
me : bubub!!!!
dark : labi-labi ku!!!
me : penyu ku!!!

yhen i saw my ex..xxx_s3tan_bowink_xxx@syah..
shit..i totally forgot that he came
my heart beat friggin' fast..
i tkot!!!
then i just follow bubub..
then i met bdak_jalanan,ga4ra,tin_sardin,abby,luna,saigon,nine and more..
but my t-shirt was at abuya..
but abuya dh blik:(
nvr mind,next week i'll meet bubub n saigon..
when i saw saigon he said

saigon : ni laa pairi!!
me : piere laa..sbot btol2 pie
saigon : piere......
me : haa bru btol..
saigon : ish xbleh laa..klu ak nmpk nick ko kt room msti ak nk taip piari jgk..
me : kntot tol daigon..wakakka..daigon..

then i met abby!!

me : pjg!!
abby : uit..(smbil menutup muke b
me : peparu belobang!!!
abby : bodo pnye piere..ahhaha..

when i was about to go back there came xaxau@
qayyum with his beloved gf,zhafiqah..
and i was hiding behind ameer..
i tkot he will break my head bcoz i break with bear..wakakka
becoz he once sed "nana..if u break dgn bear then i will break ur head.."
wakakkaka..bodo pnye xaxau..
fuhhh..xaxau xnmpk i..lega!!
then mse bubub,ameer n i at the chicken rice shop,xaxau called me..
xaxau said "u dtg food court blik in 10 mins now"..
me "u dtg chicken rice shop laa"..

him "ok2 u wait,i'll come to you"..
then bodo pnye xaxau xdtg pn ..
he sruh i pegi zara plak..
then we go to zara..
jmpe laa pakcik xaxau..
then we talk..and talk..and talk..
then i terbocor rahsia that i've broke up with bear..shit!
then mse i nk blik he sed "why u break??fuck u laa nana"
then i sed "ahahaha fuck u too.."

then we walk and walk and walk try to find chilakoz..

but mse to dh we decided to blik..
me and ameer pn blik..
then when i reached home my sis babbling..
i dun give a shit a bout it..
im so sleepy..

so ignore wat she sed..
then after mndi n lipat bju i go to sleep..
n that's all..

lots of love,

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