Monday, July 13, 2009

im just wondering why....

yesterday,Rhea n I went to Puduraya..
she wanted to buy ticks to Perlis..
well semester break laa ktekan...
so she wanted to blik kmpg..
then we went ther
e by bus..
but the bus driver buat taik laa plak..
by the time i press the button (the bell or whatever),he suddenly bwk laju..
he know we wanted to turun dpn Pudu to..
tp he bwk laju and make us walk..jauh plak to..
maybe he sket hati when we merungut bout he xde change for the bus fares..
mudus pnye bus driver..
u r unfogiveable..

then we went to KLC
we went there to service Rhea's phone..
then on the way back i saw 2 handsome,cute,tough,sexy body guy..
fuhhhhhh..gler handsome..
but unfortunately,they r GAY!!!
all this while i've been observing..
gays most of them have a friggin' good looking..
but why they have to be
a gay??
the have made a lot of w
omen out there cried..
rugi sgt2 bg kami kaum2 wanita kerana kehilangan peluang utk kpel ngan korang..
mmg rugi sgt2..
rmai gurl yg menangis krn kehilangan pluang utk kpel dgn mamat ensem..
kerana kebanyakan mamat ensem sume gay..
ak pn turut menangis..
this is sad u know??
very sad..

handsome guys out there,u make me dissapointed..

anyway..i've got to go..
see y'all later..

lots of love,


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