Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The 2nd day of 2011 the day we "make love":D

AHAHAHAHA!!!what a awesome new year..1st Jan 2011 i lost my wallet with my gaji in there..2nd Jan 2011 i 'kiss' the cinema hall's door at TGV..i have a combo of bad luck on the very 1st day of 2011..chill..chill~~no need to be in sloppy mood..i still have 394 days to go..no worries:D the picture on the right is the picture of me after 'make love' to the door..my glases broke..my head was a bit 'ting tong' at that time..my face was totally numb..i can't feel my face.. ahahaha!!actually at that time im more worried about my glases since i 'sedekahkan' my wallet away..i kept thinking where to get money to make a new glases..but i never thought that my face was bleeding a lot..my colleagues kept asking me to not open my eyes..i asked them "nape??nape??byk ke darah?" but the funny thing is they kept IGNORING my question eventho' i kept asking the same question.. but they was like "nana jgn bkak mata!" "nana ok ke?""nana ok x?"..i said "nana ok..nana ok..chill..chill..byk ke darah?"..but ignore my question again..and kept asking "nana ok x?"..they were panic until they ignored my question..and i was wondering,did they hear me sbb i dh tnye kuat2 or its just voice in my head..im not so sure..since they kept ignoring me i try to open my eyes..then i saw blood on the floor..then i close my eyes right away..then i realize no wonder they are panic..they thought glass tu masuk mata..then i said to them "xpe2..glass xmsuk mata..chill je..nana ok laa"..but they ignored me AGAIN..and i was laughing..it was funny that they were panic i and i was chill like nothing happen..ahahaha!!then kak ofa take me to the office..she snap a picture and said "esk kne cite kt eddie nie..klau cite xde gamba xbest laa" :D ..then sir ammar and tio brought me to the clinic..and i got an injection *bengkak plak tgn knan sbb injection..bad luck berganda =,='* i got MC for 2 days..tp xcuti pn..bcoz i love my work..dok rumah bkn ade ape nk buat pn..lg pn yg sakitnye kt bwh mata..bkn sakit kaki..so xde mslh klau nk pegi kje..so here i am..working as usual without my glases:) THANK YOU for those who helped me that night Lipas,Tio,Kak Ofa and Sir Ammar:D

p/s : sejak dr mlm tu,bahiya cleaner slalu ckp "sister u jln elok2 ye" dgn mke serius..ahahaha...ok bahiya sy jln elok2:D

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

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