Monday, January 17, 2011

UPDATE : Super Show 3 in Malaysia

Singapore Event Organizer for SS3

GOOD NEWS ELF AROUND MALAYSIA!!!as most of u know,Redstar Present won't be the organizer for Super Show 3 anymore..most probably because they organized the JYJ concert..*rumors said*SME won't cooperate with Redstar since Jaejoong,Yoochun,and Xiah*former TVXQ/DBSK*got some issues with SME *the lawsuit remember?*..not professional ryte guys?so after 2 month of waiting and wondering whether SS3 is still on or not, finally yesterday i saw a light after 2 month in the dark..i was jumping all over my house!!i was google-ing like hell if there's any news bout SS3 but then suddenly i saw the news saying that Running Into The Sun, the Singapore Event Organizer that organize SS3 at Singapore is going to organize SS3 in Malaysia!!!YAYYYY!!!!excited like hell!!its going to be on NOT SURE bout this ok..but i heard that the pre-sale is going to be on February and the concert on March 19th *supposed to be on 26th but not sure* at Stadium Bukit get ur money ready dear ELF!!because our oppa is coming to see us and we r going to see them..lets plan a project to show our love to them..*since we r not going to see leeteuk and heechul for the next 2years as they r going to army* im going for rockpitt!!yay!!i've been working my ass off just to buy the rockpitt tix..rockpitt is RM600 i think..not sure..but around dat and my GFF going to make a t-shirt with our bias's face in front of the tee..mine one is going to be Heechul uri heenim:)..ARGHHH!!!super duper excited!! Let me repeat my self guys..this is NOT the official info..we have to wait for the official announcement to be made..while waiting,lets throw BIG WAVE OF SAPPHIRE BLUE into the air !!!show some love!!:D

p/s : i heard RITS got some issue with the venue because its clash with ASTRO's event..but RITS already pay half of the rental fee,how can it be?lets just have faith ok guys..:-s

~uri-neun Super Junior ELF~

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

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