Saturday, January 15, 2011

Park Jaebum saya:)

my jay park<3

awwww~~~i miss him A LOT!!!i miss him since he left 2PM because some MySpace issue that Korean punished until he left 2PM..but now Korean begging for him to be back!!??senang2 je?well thanks a lot JayPark haters..he's hurt..2PM was hurt too..Wooyoung cried and almost fainted at the airport when they are sending JayPark back to his home *at Seattle , USA*..Taecyeon was sad and really shows when he was singing Niga Mipda *it was at jaypark last performance with 2PM*he was 2PM's leader for god thanks of the all of u 2PM don't have leader untill now *seems dat they don't choose a new leader because they know dat no one can replace JayPark and know that The HOTTEST would be furious*,i watch 2PM Idol Army , 2PM Wild Bunny and their MV over and over again...sad*tears*2PM without JayPark is like burger without bun..chicken rice without the without without actor..get it?i miss him in reality show and talk show..i miss his silliness..i miss his jokes..but now he his own his own..successful as singer and dancer with his crew happy for u oppa!!i really do..*hey jaypark haters,in ur face!!* i just wish u can re-unite with 2PM..i know im just dreaming..but i really hope that my dream come true..thanks AOM for making my JayPark happy:') appreciate it a lot:')..i, as a hardcore Jaywalkers wish u a happy life..u deserve to be smile a lot:')..laugh a ur life to the fullest oppa..and thanks for coming to Malaysia on my birthday ,3rd Dec luck that u choose dat date oppa:D but too bad dat i can't come to ur event because the tix was expensive and i dun have rm600 to buy one..if only u come on January,i would've buy it..nvrmind..come again ok oppa:') I LOVE U PARK JAEBUM!!! and i love AOM too for making him happy:')
once upon a time when he was the 'ledja':')

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

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