Sunday, January 16, 2011

random saturday

its Saturday!!yay!!wats to yay about?nothing much just yay-ing to my self because i was able to enjoy my peaceful Saturday at my peaceful home here at Armanee..Armanee as peaceful as it sounds..i really appreciate my home not quite sure why..hurmmm.. anyway i woke this morning *okay..okay..evening* and i saw nasi goreng and sambal sardin my mom made before she off to work..good god i was excited to eat the nasi goreng my mom made..i know its just a normal nasi goreng..even i can made it myself..but it been a long time since the last time my mom cook for me..i miss her cooking..well i understand her..she's been working around the clock..and im not always my mom and i has decided that Monday is going to be Mommy and her Baby Daughter's Day *baby!!??*i'll be fully free on Monday and so is she.. no work what-so-ever unless if we really need to..excited~~~after finish my nasi goreng,i went upstairs and start fb-ing..but then i really craving for chocolates..then i went kedai macha kt bwh tu and a couple of chocs and honey coated peanuts..yummy!!then i rush back upstairs and start fb-ing again..around 8pm, k.lia ajak me to kopitiam kt bwh to for dinner..then suddenly she asked me bout someone..good lord!!then we planned something..what is it?its a top secret..its hard for me to do so but its for my own sake so i have to do it anyway anyhow..after that we went upstairs..k.lia was fb-ing and im watching TV..Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, 901210, The Kardashian and Lipstic Jungle..well thats all..because after i watched The Kardasian, i went upstairs,put my MP3 on and here i am writing a i guess dats all..adios amigos:D

p/s : Paris Hilton My New BFF show really for bimbos..suck big time!!

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

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