Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TGV Cinema Sunway Rocking n' Rolling Dinner/Supper

Fabulous TGV Cinema Sunway Crew

What? : TGV Sunway Dinner
Where? : William's Kelana Jaya
Who? : TGV Super Rockin' Crew
Why? : 91% for Mystery Shopper

Happening gler!!!!!!!best!!best!!best!!The food..the place..the ppl..the games..all perfect..nothing to complaint..Super Fun!!my fav is Nasi Goreng
Ketam!!sedappppppp nyeeee~~~then i ordered Pomegranate Peach for drink
..masammm~~~thank god i have watermelon juice..gelas dier MASYAALLAH besarnye!!!sukee!!then we were divided into 4 teams and played 3 games that is
Guess The Movie , Spot My Friend and the last game i dunno wats the name but it was something like the game i use to play when i was in primary sch 'Radio Buruk' u seat in a line then the 1st person has to read the sentence given then whisper it
to the next person and so on..and the last person have to say it out team
got it right..ahahaha...because the sentence was hard!!as usual bile smpai kt org
last ayat tu akan jd totally different drpd ayat yg sebenarnye..but my team was worst at this game..ahaha..but we r the best at Spot My was funn
y that my team(Team 1) was so fast but Team 3(team ameer)was!!fun!!haih...i really lose my mind and my breath by
laughing so hard..there's a lot to laugh about yesterday..i can't describe it by words how fun it was yesterday..anyway let me introduce u to MR WILLIAM..

left : sir eddie berkilau
middle : uncle Will.I.Am
right : sir yap yg klaka

from left : kak aida , me , sir eddie berkilau , nani , faa

no one know npe kami gelak sakan..ahahaha~~

from left: kiddy , kak ila , ben , fauzi , qayyum , mamat

from left : kak ayu , echa ,kak ayu , rara

fadh and kak ofa

our projectionist

lipas and tio


along and kak ofa

from left : anesh , sapna , logesh, tabitha

kak farah and sapna

sir eddie berkilau and kak ofa

faa , ameer , me

the awesome spaghetti

the superb Nasi Goreng Ketam(arghhh lparnyee~~)

from left : kak ila , kak tikah@kak limah , echa , kiddy

from left : faa , sir eddie berkilau , me

from left : alia , ying , tio
from left : me , sir eddie berkilau , kak aida , chu
from left : kak ofa and lipas

diana and ben

Credit to Sir Eddie for the awesome pictures:D
sir eddie

there's a lot more pictures from other cameras..for more pictures,see in our facebook photos:)

lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

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