Saturday, November 13, 2010

saye sekarang:)

sy sgt bosan!!so imma tell wats new in my life:)

TGV Cinema, Sunway Pyramid - CRO Berjaya:)
yeahhh...nie laa mpt kje baru ke???best weyh...gaji tinggi..manager best..others yg kje kt situ pn best...ape yg xbest?dh confirm2 shortage ..adoi....abes duit sekepuk..tmbh2 klau kje kt candy nvrmind laa kan..tu kn part of the job...maybe i was being careless..then ade ticket box where ppl buy tickets..and floor where we have to jaga the cinema hall...i jaga floor once je..tu pn time training..pstu dh xde dh..klau ade pn ,msti ade org nk mntk tkar dgn ak or ak xdtg kje...aish...xde rezeki nk jaga floor laa..nvrmind..have u been to TGV to watch movie,and go to our candy bar and buy popcorn?The popcorn taste differently everyday right..klau yg sedap,manis,and superb rasenye tu dh confirm2 urs truly yg awesome nie yg buat..AHAHAHA!!i love working here..better than when i was at Giant actually..At TGV, i really enjoy myself..i dunno why but i just enjoy specific reason..maybe because of the surrounding, the ppl...we have cool CRO..all of them are cool!!Conclusion, TGV are for TGV<3

Owh..recently i just lost my phone.....AGAIN!!redha sje laaaa......nk sedih2 pn bkn pencurik tu nk bg blik pn...bubbye dear corby:(..dpt gaji beli phone baru:D i moved on very quick..^__^

Lots of love,
Nana Horvejkul

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