Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the unwilling sacrifise..

sheshh..tjok dh mcm horror movie..
this is true based on true story ok ppl..*ahahahah*

on one fine thursday on March,i woke up at 6..
then 7.30 am wait for a bus..
8.30 am enter the staff entrance at Parkson OUG..
bkan pcah msok ok..i worked there..
anyway lets cut it short..

around 7.30pm mmg rmai customer..
then i was busy giving my best service to the customer..
around 8.30 here comes trouble..
there's 2 nigga..
at that time i was in the toilet..
amir my assistant was at the counter..
then i came back to the counter..

amir : haa blik pn..

me: huhu..

nigga 1 : owh there's a girl..

amir : *whispering*ko lyn r dye..ak xtaw sgt english..*then he walk away..urghh*

me : yeah im a girl..

nigga 1 : apa khabar *dlm lorat2 nigeria skit..*

me : fantastic..u?

nigga 1 : nvr better..

me : may i help u sir..pillow?bolster?matress?bedsheets?

nigga 1 : yeah i would a king size fitted sheet comforter set..

amir : td xde lak mat itam ni senyum2 n ckp melayu kt ak..time ko je senyum2
gedik plak..

me : xkn dye nk senyukm gedik kt ko lak..kang ko igt dye gay plak kn..

nigga 1 : r u chinese ?

me : no..im 100% malay..

nigga : really..u dun look like malay..did anyone ever tell u that??

me : yeah like brijillion ppl..

nigga : so would u like to have a drink with me sometime..i lived just around the corner.i can pick u up..

me : no2..that won't be necessary..

nigga : npe kamu xsudi ke?

me : u speak malay quiet well dont u..:)

nigga : yeah..i do learn a little bit of this n that..so how about a drink tomorrow after u work?

me : *terbayang kak indra ckp yg nigga sgt ganas n scary..they use pil khayal very often..*no i dont think so..

nigga : y u dun like me?

me : but i dun even know u..i m sorry sir but i dun go out with strangers..it just not me..now may i take this*the comforter set*to the counter


me : yes may i help u?

nigga 2 : no i just wanna take a look..

me : owh ok then..

nigga 2 : r u chinese..

me : no im not..im malay..

nigga 2 : owh i see..r sure??bcoz u too fair to be a malay

me : *eh negro nie..ak sekeh kang..ko lg laa haram xfair..black ade laa**smile sje*
nigga 2 : wat is your name dear ..

me : *gatai sgguh noh*its nana..

nigga 2 : owh im emmanuel..nice to meet u..

me : *senyum xikhlas*pleasure..ne way is there anything that u want to buy?comforter perhaps..or maybe a pillow..feather,cotton..today is our last day of promotion u know..

nigga 2 : so if i buy this bolster pillow n comforter set would u give me ur no.??

me : *shock*erk..for what..

nigga 2 : so that i can contact u..u give me ur no. then i buy all of these..

me : *nk bg ke xnk..klu dye beli sume nie smpai laa target ak utk bln nie*ok then ...*tulis no bg kt dye..

nigga 2 : thanks a lot..i'll call u..

than after work while waiting for the bus,he called..
ofcoz i did not pickup..gler ke??


so that was me n all those nigga..
by the way nigga 2 sed he was frm chicago..
well mcm from nigeria je..ahahahha..

anyway i know this sound racist but nigga is very gatal..
urghh..ewww...they smells like cow..
sorry to say ok..
if u smell like lavender u can come n talk to me..
if u smell like cow,u can back off ok..

well gtg..see y'all in next entri:D

lots of love,

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