Sunday, August 23, 2009


fiRst oF aLL I wOuLd to aPpOloGise fOr aBaNd0ned mY bLoG f0r a LoNg tIme..

bEen bUsY LatELy..aCtuALLy i dUn hAVe aNy iDeA wAt t0 wRiTe..

LatELy i'Ve BeEn bUSy wItH fAcEb0Ok..TheN tHerE's my oLd fRen nAme zHafArInAbiLa aDD mE oN fAcebo0K..i'M quItE sHoCk..TheN aDe pLaK fArAH aFiQah..tHen NurUL sUrIa..tHeN NuR aIN NaDiRA..thEn SyAjEEda..dAmN..nIe yG wAt TeRiNgaT zaMan muDa2 dULu niE..eKEekKe..zAmAN mse kUrANg mATaNg dlu..zAMAN cTeR meLEt0p2 dLu..eKekE..

AnYwaY nOw i've Gr0wN uP..xDe cTEr mELeT0p2 ..eHEheHe..buT yEAh i d0 miSS mY oLd fReNs a LOT..x0x0..

sKRg dH sTArt p0Se..eNjoy uR fAsTiNg mOnTH..coz We GonNa ceLeBRatE rAyA s0On..yay!!!bLey bELi bJu rAyA..mKn KueH rAYa..yUMmY!!!

ok got to go:D..i see ya'll when i see ya'll..bubbye..xoxo..

lots of love,


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