Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i miss mr??

i have to admit tho..
i miss him a lottt..
dh lme xjmpe him..
who??unfortunately i can't tell who is he..
he is my besties..
we r close..
but lately i feel that he is very far away from me..
he has change..
he is not the same guy i knew..
he's not replying my text..
usually he always does..
did i do something wrong?
y cant he say something?

ok..i admit that i do have feelings for him..
but i cant tell a girl..
malu gler..
well i miss him..
i kinda need him..
he is one of kind..

he is being so cold..
i dunno y..
but im comfortable with him..
where ever u r,pls text me..

lots of love ,

p/s : if u knew that i was talking bout u,pls text me..:((

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