Saturday, August 8, 2009

pasar mlam girl..urghh..

yesterday i went to psr mlm to buy may fav yumy mee goreng mamak..
there i can see that most the the girl age around 15 - 17 wearing makeup to psr mlm..
wth!?that annoys me..
they went to psr mlm wearing blusher,eye shadow,thick eyeliner,thick powder all thick..
plus wearing jeans n the nicest t-shirt they can get in their closet..
the tighter the better..
its like "hey guys i have boobs''
urghh annoying gler..
jln plak control ayu..
dok pgang2 rmbut..
btol2 kan rmbut..
the queastion is why??
why do they have to get all dressed up and put their make up on just to go to psr mlm?
nk ngorat abg psr mlm kot..
grow up laa..
pegi psr mlm je pn..
bkn nye pegi pavillion..
rhea n i pn pegi psr mlm in our pj's je..
haiyo u ppl gedik laa..
pkai makeup pegi psr mlm..
klu pegi midvalley entah tbl mne makeup to..
u ppl make me sick..

lots of love,

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