Tuesday, August 11, 2009

one friggin'day..

to day i supposed to go for an interview for part time job..
but i didn't go bcoz i woke up late..

even tika woke me up but i was so sleepy..
so i decide i dont want to go..

then i went to UNITAR to register my subject..
but UNFOTUNATELY my subject in my pre-registration are fulled..
dis sem sucks..
i have to take the hard one..
Fundamental of Information Technology

English 1
Fundamental of Finance
Principle of Management
Business Mathematics(this one is the hard one..its MATH!!!)

than after all settled i meet kak jiha n ety at giant for lunch..
then they ajak me pegi melalak..
pegi karaoke..
then i pn follow je..
best wooo nyanyi..ilang tension..
tension ape!!??
tension psl dpt subject yg i xske laa..
urghhh..but nvrmind..
skrg kne pkir study..naikkn blik pointer..

gtg nk dinner nie..
sket tekak dh nie..
se y'all in next entry k

lots of love,

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