Monday, April 20, 2009

lalala..hari2 kja..lalala..buhsan dgn kja..

13 may 2009
start kje..excited abs..
bgn pg is not my thing..but dh bru first day kje,den i dun mind laa..
den i tyne my permenant, kak indra..
"kak,esk sy kne msok kul brape??"
she sed 9.30am till 10.00pm everyday..
i was like whoah!!seroiusly..
den i asked "sy cuti bler??"
she sed no cuti 4 1 month..
den i was like "what!!??"
so tired laa weyh..
bt is everything..
i dun give a shit anymore..
but tomorrow is da day dat i've been waiting for..
second part time is coming!!
his name is ameer..
alep n wan's fren..
i've meet him just now while waiting for my bus..
he's ok..
he's funny..
masok air laa dier..mcm me:)
so i think i'm gonna have fun mse kje ngan dier nnt..

lots of love:

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